It was not easy to do on Salix like it was on just about every other Linux distro I’ve ever installed. Underneath the friendly “Linux for Lazy Slackers” is Slackware, after all. Second only to Gentoo or Arch “from scratch” in level of difficulty for an ordinary mortal. Much less a technophobe. But I did it. Somehow.


I got the icon set and themes I wanted that were not in the repositories, and the Brave browser (also not in the repositories and without resolution from Slackbuilds using Sourcery, the very cool Salix tool that builds Slackware packages). I actually found it in another Slackware-compatible third-party repository and unpacked it and installed from the command line. Imagine li’l ol’ me using the command line for anything! Much less making and installing software from outside my distro’s own repositories. And no, not like from just adding some high-risk dumbass PPA for Ubuntu either.

And I think that’s the point in using a Slackware-based Linux distribution. You really can’t help but “learn Linux” just from using it as an ordinary casual user. Yet another good reason to use it.

3 thoughts on “YESSSS!

  1. hi robin,

    Just seen your coverage of Ross Limbaugh.
    I have been a staunch advocate and proposer of politicos for a long time.
    My “arcticOS” and others were even once into top ten download s for one particular month.
    The distro project is about to be removed and all supporting channel videos too.
    I don’t actually know who Ross Limbaugh was, being British.
    But I can’t support any longer what seems to be a distro With a lead dev so far left and nasty too (they tend to go hand in hand tbh?).
    Best wishes to you.

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    1. Yes, James it was PCLinuxOS. A good systemd-free distro, but so closed politically and the forums are not kid-friendly by any means. Off-color humor and other stuff make it unsuitable for young users in my opinion. I won’t use antiX for a similar reason – they embedded politics into the distro’s software itself, by including anti-Israel, pro-terrorist links in the Firefox browser. Un-freaking-believable.

      The point of this post, though, was how a user of SalixOS can’t really help but “learn a little Linux” even with ordinary use. Being a non-technical computer user (yes, actually downright frightened by most technology) I avoid the command line whenever possible! But it is an awesome “secret weapon” when it comes to fixing stuff that may be broken and getting some things done with lightning speed.


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