7 Reasons Why Linux Is Not The Dominant OS On PCs — Renard’s World

Renard tells us the reasons why Linux is not the dominant OS on PCs.

7 Reasons Why Linux Is Not The Dominant OS On PCs — Renard’s World

Okay, that’s the desktop. But the server market share is a whole ‘nother thing! Linux dominates the server market share by a huge margin. It’s not the point of Renard’s article, but it’s certainly worth mentioning.

The Linux desktop is a hodgepodge of different desktop environments, window managers, software packaging, and support options. Most Linux distros do not take the one-size-fits-all approach the way that Ubuntu, Mint, Zorin, Mangero, PCLinuxOS, etc do. And of those that try the one-size-fits-all thing, there are huge differences even among the ones that are “made to look like Windows or Mac.” And that is key: One-size-fits-all does not work for Linux. It never can. There’s no “standard desktop” or “standard software management” or even a standard kernel for cry’n out loud. Linux will never enjoy a decent market share of the desktop, but that’s no awful tragedy or anything. It’s really okay. You use what you like and just enjoy the benefits of greater security and freedom, and the admiration of your friends who think you’re some kinda wonderful computer wizard with awesome techno-knowledge and mad geek skills – even if you’re just an ordinary kid or an aging great-grandparent or even a technophobe like me, still generally scared of technology.

Even in 2021, Lefty Lunacy Wasn’t Done!

A Summary: A Year of Lefty Lunacy. One down, Three to Go.

A Lady of Reason

Happy New Year everyone! As usual, A Lady of Reason presents the annual roundup of Leftist lunacy. Of course, nothing could beat 2020 as a year of total insanity, but 2021 comes in with some choice moments of its own 😉 Let’s get started:

The Right-Wing Insurrection That Wasn’t…

The year had barely gotten started when what would be a peaceful protest against the phony Biden election with mail in ballots and discarded votes in a rigged election was turned into chaos and insanity! The narrative was that radical right wing groups sought to overthrow the rule of law and government proving to the Left that we’re all just a bunch of domestic terrorists. Some in the Capitol even claimed their “trauma” experienced on that fateful day was akin to those who survived 9/11! However, censored footage and information showed that things aren’t often as they appear: Security letting in…

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Nobody, but nobody, is teaching my child that she must be somebody’s victim!

I’m a father and I approve this message.

Wag 'n Bietjie

Daniel Craig once said: “If your kid is bullying my kid, and my kid has tried to tell your kid to stop, and your kid doesn’t, my kid has been instructed to punch your kid in the face.” What are your thoughts on this?

answered byKryss Von Walz, J.D. Juris Doctor, Law

In preschool, when my daughter was bullied, she was instructed to inform a teacher, and the bully was immediately punished. Upon entering kindergarten, she was struck by a boy in her class, and she informed her teacher.

The teacher replied, “You’re tattling! Stop it!”

My daughter came home and related the story, and I taught her how to punch. Hard. The next time the boy hit her, she punched him in the face and he burst into tears. Big surprise – I was called into the school for a conference with this teacher.

She barely got…

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We generally don’t enjoy arguments or people who think they can do what they like.

Entitled people

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What happens if someone parks in your driveway in the UK?

A parent thought my drive was a good place to leave her car when taking her child to school.

“Good morning. Do I know you?” says I.

“Oh, I didn’t fink anyone was in” says she.

“Well, you fort wrong. Shift it right now, or it’ll be blocked in by the time you come back.”

“I’ll only be a minute. She’s got to go to school.”

“So have I. Shift it. Now.”

She walks off, child in tow.

I have a quick chat with nice neighbour, who parks his car behind her and goes off to his (very local work) for the day.

At the end of the day, I came home to a very angry note through the letter box, saying she’d not been able to go to her workplace and she’d take action against me for her…

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After Action Report: A Father’s Pride

When the Kids Grow Up…
Mrs. Robin and I home schooled both of our wonderful kids. A big part of the home schooling experience was something called Living History. A history major in college, it is one of my favorite subjects, and in the times we lived when the kids were small, history was in danger of being forgotten, misapplied, and twisted. Even more now, when the far Left is actively re-writing history to suit a “narrative” that is in keeping with their agenda. 
As a family we attended – and then participated in – many living history events. Even in those days, nearly 20 years ago, our country was being divided by Left-leaning educators, politicians, and media. I credit President Obama more than any other public figure in those days, of reawakening racial and class divisions and setting Americans against each other again. As bad as he was, the current Democrat-majority national government has intensified and exploited old divisions and re-opened old wounds.
Most of the living history events we got involved in as our home schooling progressed were portayals of the War Between the States. I enlisted in the Federal army (US) as an artilleryman and brought the family along as civilian reenactors. We “fought” in battles near and far, from our home state of Florida to re-created battles as far North as Tennessee. I also served as a Confederate cannonier with an artillery battery that had the high honor of “opening the ball” at the 125th Gettysburg reenactment which took place on the actual Gettysburg battlefield. “Opening the ball” means firing the very first shot. We did so with our cannons in the great cannonade of the third day preceding Pickett’s Charge. Unforgettable!
                                          Fast forward about 20 years:

The kids are grown and out on their own. Our beautiful daughter married a missionary pilot and serves with Ethnos 360 Aviation in Papua, New Guinea. Our son joined the US Army and served as a Cavalry Scout (as did President Reagan, by the way), then took a job in Florida’s Department of Corrections for a few years until the good ol’ boy club’s politics made serving with a clear conscience impossible. So he has taken a “regular” job at a lumber mill where he works as hard as he did in the Army. But like me, his life has been “all work and no play” for far too long, and he sought out something that would not only be fun, but meaningful and wholesome. Imagine my surprise when he informed me that he had enlisted in the Confederate Infantry (reenacting – we’re not to the point of civil war in the US yet) with the 2nd Florida, a reenactor’s unit with a long history and wonderful people. I was invited to join, and did so without a moment’s hesitation. I jumped at the chance to re-live the fun and meaningfulness of those schooling days two decades before, and to share it with my beloved son who needed it as much as I.
What follows is my “After Action Report” to the 2nd Florida on this past weekend’s reenactment. Enjoy!

After Action Report: A Father’s Pride

Honored Gentlemen and Brothers-in-Arms,
While I realize it is not my proper place, perhaps, as a “fresh fish,” to write a formal after-action report, I wish it entered into the record if you deem it worthy. I have entitled this report, A Father’s Pride.
It is my sincere pleasure to express my profound gratitude to this venerable Company for the warm welcome that my son, Pvt. Stephen and I received from your generous hearts and hands as we arrived late Friday evening and found our tent already assembled and fine grub set aside for us. We both felt instantly an important part of the group and eager to prove ourselves worthy of you all.

Unable to get many photographs because of how busy we were on the first day, I can offer only a few that I was able to document. First among them is this depiction of Pvt Stephen’s freshly-issued uniform and battle gear. My thanks to our Esteemed Quartermaster for his resourcefulness and consideration in getting us outfitted. Sgt Sealy and (acting) Captain Adam made sure were well-schooled in both drill and the proper use of the rifle before we were engaged only a few hours later. The Tradition of the Infantry for “fresh fish” is grotesque, yet honorable as it marks us on the battlefield as those to watch out for and lend assistance when needed. Pvt Stephen and I found that very comforting in spite of the insult to our physical appearance. We took pride in having been accepted, prepared, and honored by the Tradition.
My hand-me-down Broghans from Pvt Jake (yes, my feet are actually smaller than his) sufficed for Saturday’s first engagement, but left me with blisters which prevented me from the honor and pleasure of driving the Yankees out of the town that evening, even wearing my old Farbys which fit my feet properly. I regret having missed playing a part in routing those Blue Bellies from the town, but I celebrated the victory by hobbling over to witness the Ball, where a girl of such exquisite beauty so captured me that I could not resist asking her to join me in the next Virginia Reel. 

Sunday Morning following a hearty breakfast and stunning Colors drill, I needed to get to church, if only to repent of my carnal enjoyment of the previous evening having danced with multiple female beauties. I was surprised and absolutely delighted by the very robust singing of about 30 brothers-in-arms and several civilians who gathered to worship our Lord on that occasion. Y’all can surely sing! And most especially when the songs are in the worship of our Lord and Savior. On the subject of singing, I must say how very impressed and pleased I was to find that the 2nd Florida is well-supplied with strong voices, capable of raising great melodies and harmonies around a campfire. Truly a high point of the whole weekend for me. My profound gratitude to the Rev John for his spiritual leadership and further guidance later that day. It was a busy time for him as well, attending to a memorial for a fallen Sailor:

Before yesterday afternoon’s final route of all remaining Yankees, I was able to capture these stunning depictions re-creating the surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia to the Army of the Potomac at Appomattox:

In view of our small numbers I was reluctant to “take a hit,” as we say, in the afternoon battle. But rising from a kneeling position (behind cover, shooting and loading) is difficult for me and I needed assistance on two occasions just to keep up with my more fit comrades. On the third such occasion the unit was moving so quickly that I found myself unable to rise to a standing position again, but with no one to help me up. I wanted to holler, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up,” but I’m told that would be received as amusing rather than serious by the folks who had come to observe the battle. So instead I “took a hit” and hollered to my son, “Avenge me! Avenge me!” and collapsed, knowing that someone would soon be along at the appropriate time if needed. I was able to roll over and get on “all fours” when the time came to resurrect. I still had a round in the gun for the salute. All was well, and my feet were sound enough to carry my aching body back to camp.

My life has been “all work and no play” for several years now, and I can’t adequately express my joy and satisfaction at having the opportunity to serve with you wonderful folks. I hope to adapt better to the infantry than I did for this my first time out as a rifleman rather than on an artillery crew. But the purpose of this report is first and foremost to express gratitude to all of you, and to brag without restraint about my son, my pride and joy.
Very respectfully and sincerely,Your Obedient Servant,
Pvt Robin

No More a “fresh fish!”

Microsoft Goes Old-School, Forces Customers to Use Its Browser

More microshaft crud

Wag 'n Bietjie


The Microsoft Edge logo on the water.

When Microsoft announced Windows 11, it spent a lot of time harping on the “open” and “user friendly” nature of its new operating system. But this narrative is slowly falling apart with every Windows 11 update—especially the latest update, which forces Windows users to keep Edge as a default browser.

This story is a bit complicated, mainly because Microsoft has spent the last few years turning Windows’ “default app” settings into a stupid mess. You can’t just tick a box that says “I want to use Chrome as my default browser;” that would be too simple. Instead, you have to manually set your browser of choice as the default appfor select URL and file types(HTML, PDF, HTTPS, SHT, WEBP, etc).

Microsoft hasn’t changed the above process, for better or worse. But the latest Windows 11 Insider builds (22483 and 22494) feature…

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How to Convert Multiple Images to PDF in Ubuntu Linux

Useful stuff for Ubu, Mint, Zorin, and Linux Lite users. Enjoy!

Wag 'n Bietjie

ByAbhishek Prakash

You have several documents or images scanned individually and you need tosave multiple images to one PDF file.

You may find several websites that allow you to do that. But they are either not free or they will put their watermark on the final PDF file. And in any case, I don’t want to upload my documents to some random web server.

I had this need when I had to apply for a job and they required me to upload a single PDF file consisting of several documents. My problem was that I had documents scanned individually but not in one file.

It’s just one of the examples where you may need to convert multiple image files in one PDF file.

In Linux, there are several ways you can combine multiple images into a single PDF file.

  • LibreOffice Draw or even Writer can be used…

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200 congresspeople have been treated with Ivermectin for COVID (Video)…

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Originally posted on boudica.us: 200 congresspeople have been treated with Ivermectin for COVID ? boudica us Published October 28, 2021 27 Views Rumble — *congress exempts itself from the covid vaccine gets treated with ivermectin but prohibits you from taking it. Recently, Joe Rogan, a popular internet personality with millions of subscribers, used Ivermectin,…

200 congresspeople have been treated with Ivermectin for COVID (Video) — Boudica BPI Weblog

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Facebook is now Meta

Who needs Second Life anymore, right?
This reminds me of Ready Player One if you’ve seen that movie.

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Bloomberg | source: MyBroadband

Facebook Inc. is re-christening itself Meta, decoupling its corporate identity from the eponymous social network mired in toxic content, and highlighting a shift to an emerging computing platform focused on virtual reality.

“The metaverse is the next frontier,” Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg said in a presentation at Facebook’s Connect conference, held virtually on Thursday. “From now on, we’re going to be metaverse-first, not Facebook-first.”

The name change is the most definitive signal so far of the company’s intention to stake its future on a new computing platform — the metaverse, an idea born in the imaginations of sci-fi novelists. In Meta’s vision, people will congregate and communicate by entering virtual environments, whether they’re talking with colleagues in a boardroom or hanging out with friends in far-flung corners of the world.

The new name won’t affect how the company uses or shares data, and the corporate…

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