SalixOS 15 Beta

Hardly the “dead project” that some people wrongly assumed, Slackware-based SalixOS, which I have posted on before, is still n Beta development and not yet suitable for “mission-critical” use on the desktop. SalixOS attempts to make Slackware suitable for intermediate-level Linux desktop users, with some sweet GUI tools and such. It’s “Linux for Lazy Slackers.”

I think that packaging is going to be a big deal with the new Salix. Appimages and Flatpaks may be the way to go, at least for now, since Sourcery is obsolete now and gslapt-get doesn’t work nearly as well now as it always did in Salix 14.2. Theming breaks the simplest of apps, and it’s trial-and-error to get things working as they should. Even Micro$oft Winblows does a better job of running open-source apps like LibreOffice, believe it or not. SalixOS is definitely not ready for prime time, but then it doesn’t claim to be. Theming, especially if you like dark themes as I do, is still a big problem so far.

My current daily driver remains my own highly-modified Xfce version of antiX, with it’s wicked-kewl tool set and it’s complete absence of twisted systemd and Pulseaudio crap “there as a necessary dependency for other applications but otherwise but not used.” Why fill up the hard drive with all that?

It’s the same issue with Flatpaks, appimages, and snaps on Slackware/SalixOS. Flatpaks and appimages fill up the hard drive with libraries that aren’t shared by all the apps that depend on them. It’s fine if you have a 500-zillion terabit hard drive, but come on already. If the old Slackware philosophy of one application per task remains in effect, but applications don’t share libraries or dependencies, what the heck! I say one library per app is not in keeping with one app per task. Wasted disk space on an aging hard drive is not a good practice. That said, I think that if gsplat-get catches up in Slack/Salix to be like what it was in the previous stable version, Salix will be awesome. So here’s hoping.

With gratitude for those who can handle the testing, and for the careful devs who create and maintain both Slackware and SalixOS, hats off. I salute you!

Japan Is About To Unlock The Ultimate Energy Source

I saw this depicted in an episode of SeaQuest DSV many years ago. It was a disaster in that episode, but there’s no reason to think it has to be. I hope this catches on!

Wag 'n Bietjie

byWill Lockett | Medium

Photo by Denys Nevozhai on Unsplash

An untapped near-limitless carbon neutral energy source lies dormant off the shore of Japan.

Amongst the hustle and bustle of Tokyo city you’d be forgiven for forgetting the raw natural power that exists in Japan. For just offshore, deep in the ocean, lies a monster with ungodly strength. It has remained untouched and undisturbed for millennia. But now scientists want to harness this power to save Japan. Don’t worry, I’m not talking about Godzilla, though he may still be down there somewhere. Instead, I’m talking about deep sea turbines, as Japan is the first country to try and harness the potentialof ocean currents. But why has Japan turned to the sea for power? What are the benefits? And what are the risks? Could this be an energy revolution?

Geologically speaking, Japan is one of the most fascinating countries…

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No Systemd, No Pulseaudio

Last time I wrote about systemd-free Debian, but not Devuan, for reasons which appear in the comments of that post, “Why Not Devuan?” Mostly it has to do with trust of their repositories.

But I messed up my first installation of antiX by installing my beloved Xfce desktop from Synaptic instead of using antiX’s own package installer. I don’t know how that makes any difference, but it matters!

In my zeal to rid my OS of any unneeded and unwanted antiX stuff (for the sake of my need to purge socialist-communist-statist-leftist elements as much as possible), I removed some essential elements that disabled control over sound, printing, scanning, and other features I really need. It was plain stupid to proceed in a hurry like that.

Doing it right this time, I have exactly what I need, with a few extra things I don’t want and will never use but cannot safely purge without breaking my system again. No big deal. I had thought, for about 0.68 seconds (nearly a lifetime for an android, according to Commander Data), to just return to MX-Linux because it’s Xfce anyway. But then, there’s that hideous systemd “there but unused” factor. I think I’d rather have a few antiX things there but unused than to have any systemd or PulseAudio crap contaminating my hard drive. The latter is just a matter of political preference, but the former is a dangerous back door to my OS, in my opinion.

So a word of advice to any other creatures of conscience looking to avoid systemd and pulseaudio and untrustworthy Devuan repositories, but eager to purge socialist-communist-statist-leftist antiX stuff, do it right. Read the manual, proceed carefully and deliberately, and slowly.

Frenetic Friday Night

From my friend “KEACHFAN,” a fair look at the electric vehicle experience, and the reality of it’s current state and future. Watch it when you have a good 30-minutes of uninterrupted time to invest.


Well June is just popping out all over pardon me as I apply some much needed meds

Methodist Church’s First Drag Queen Pastor

Meet Isaac Simmons a Drag Queen ‘Pastor’ who is a member of the nation’s third largest denomination, the Methodists, preaches that queerness is divine. The self proclaimed “dragvangelist” has a video where he is performing slam poetry saying such things as “God is nothing, the Bible is nothing, and religion is nothing”.

It is a well known fact that the Methodist Church has been threatening to split over LGBTQ+ issues and if not for Covid probably would have. However as the pressure from the LGBTQ+ faction increases it is inevitable that the conservative members will leave and the church will split.

Now let’s take a moment of silence and say goodbye to Internet Explorer. Microsoft has announced that as of June 15, 2022 it has reached the…

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Why Not Devuan?

So in my last posting I wrote about replacing Linux Lite with antiX, addressing the “political Linux” concerns and my apparent hypocrisy in choosing antiX.

The expected question I never got, surprisingly, was why don’t you just use Devuan instead of antiX?

It’s a good question even though no one ever asked me. On the interwebz the question is asked once in a while among those who favor the non-systemd distros. And the usual answer is that Devuan is much better. Plus the default desktop in Devuan is Xfce, my most favoritest and the bestest, most wonderfulest and awesomeful desktop environment in the history of ever. In antiX the desktop is a choice among window managers that doesn’t even include the best of them, which in my opinion is Openbox.

My answer is that I want to the supercool tools found in antiX and MX-Linux, to include the USB-formatter, ISO-maker and other wicked-kewl tools.

If there’s a way to get those on Devuan instead of using antiX, I’ll sure as heck do so. Do I just add MX-Linux repositories to Devuan or what? Remember I suffer from moderate-to-severe technophobia, so don’t make the answer (hopefully in a comment) all complicated and technical.


Goodbye Linux Lite

It was fun while it lasted, and I considered Linux Lite to be the best distro for new Linux users, especially those coming from Windows. But the last straw, one of many, is the default browser in the new Linux Lite 6 series. The new default browser is now Google Chrome.

Linux attracts many Windows users because, among other reasons they want to get away from evil big tech companies like Microsoft that spy on them and are back doors to tracking, data mining, and marketing. So they find Linux and then – Google?! No thanks.

So many reasons to ditch this once-favorite distro:

1. – It’s Ubuntu base: Ubuntu has gone off the freaking rails with it’s default software management becoming snap instead of apt!

2. – Systemd: Yes, I know, this an old debate and doesn’t matter to most users at all. But systemd becomes huge and invasive over even short periods of time. I put up with it because Linux Lite offers “Lite Tweaks” which lets you delete those crazy huge systemd logs in a couple of clicks, which I did regularly to keep my hard drive from filling up. In Debian and Ubuntu you can limit the size of those logs by editing etc/systemd/journald.config. Add a line “systemMaxUse=100M” save file, then sudo systemctl daemon- reload and reboot. Thereafter systemd logs will not get so outrageously large and fill up your disk space. But still, GEEZ man, systemd regulates every single process at every moment and records everything. It even needs it’s own password? What’s up with that? Nah, no thank you, there are still plenty of systemd-free OSes in Linuxland.

3. – Linux Lite “targets” Windows users now more than ever. But they do it by making Linux Lite as much like Windows as possible. What the heck, man? If I wanted Windows I’d just use Windows! I want my new OS to be as far from Windows-like as possible as long as it remains point-and-click simple. But for cry’n out loud, not just like the one I’m ditching. But hey, that’s just me.

4. – Supposedly made to be easy on older hardware, there is no 32-bit option available anymore.

So what is my chosen alternative?

This oughtta surprise you, it’s antiX! WHAT?!? After all that stuff you wrote about how much you hate political Linux? Robin, you’re a hypocrite!

Okay, lemme ‘splain myself here. Bear with me. The big issues with antiX were and are:

1. – Those evil, horrible, terrible bookmarks! And

2. – It’s developer is an anti capitalist.

As for the bookmarks, they all appear in a single folder in Firefox Bookmarks called “anticapitalista.” No one knocks on your door and compels you at gunpoint to click on them. Simply delete that folder and problem solved. It has been a long-standing tradition for developers to include bookmarks in their browsers anyway. Don’t like ’em? Delete ’em. As for the developer, so what? He doesn’t distribute antiX only to those who share his political views and forbid capitalists from using it. I can keep my Stars and Stripes flying and my MAGA hat on my head without causing my operating system to convert me to atheism, communism, or any other ism. Besides, think about this now: What better way to to express anti-anti-capitalism than by exploiting an anti-capitalist’s product and then using it to promote capitalism if I want to, right?

Why antiX and not MX-Linux? I thought you were an Xfce fanboy!

Simply because antiX does not contain any systemd code whatsoever. Sure I’m an Xfce fanboy and have been for a really long time. But adding Xfce to antiX, which – unlike Gnome and unlike MX-Linux – does not require systemd “as a dependency.” Why “have” systemd “as a dependency” if the OS doesn’t use systemd for anything? “It’s in there but the OS doesn’t use it” never made sense to me. I’m not sure what software MX-Linux has that needs systemd “as a dependency,” but antiX has all the coolest MX-tools without any need for space-wasting bloat that the OS doesn’t use.

Again, I know systemd doesn’t matter to most desktop Linux users one way or the other. But you gotta admit it’s a nuisance, and a huge consumer of disk space and processing power. Just like Windows, by the way, which also uses systemd. And like I said, I want an OS to be as little like Windows as possible.

As the tide goes out at Mozilla, they now run full page Disney ads on their Web site.

Yet another reason NOT to use Mozilla stuff

BaronHK's Rants

Mozilla is now running full screen ads for Disney movies.

It gets worse. At the bottom of the page it has “stickers”, including one that says “I love Indie Tech”.

Yes, Firefox is very Indie. They rely on $500 million search deals with Google for 90% of their funding, and put ads, crapware, and alerts for a VPN that they rebranded into the browser, and they license DRM software….from Google, which you are obviously not allowed to have source code for, and which is impossible to license if you actually are an independent Web browser.

(I don’t even think that LibreWolf got a license from Google for Widevine. I think they just lie and download it claiming to be Firefox.)

Very Indie.

But what could possibly be more Indie and more Open Web than to run ads for a company like Disney, which says that copyright should run forever, has…

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#EvangelicalsForBiden sexual harassment scandal at Christianity Today

Don’t let names fool you!


Friend of the blog “Wintery’s Friend” sent me news about this breaking scandal. Although some of you may remember the days when Christianity Today was still Christian, they’ve lurched far to the left in recent years. No one conservative posts there or reads it anymore. But now news is emerging about the hypocrisy of CT. In public, they embraced feminism. But in private, something else.

Here’s the story the Washington Times:

Two top executives of evangelical magazine Christianity Today committed “unchecked” sexual harassment of colleagues over the course of a dozen years, the publication said Tuesday.

Mark Galli, who was editor-in-chief of the magazine for seven years before his retirement in January 2020, was accused of multiple incidents of ”demeaning, inappropriate and offensive behavior,” in an online article by CT News Editor Daniel Silliman posted Tuesday.

In December 2019, Mr. Galli — a veteran of several editorial positions in his three decades at the Christian…

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she: “*eye-roll* whatever grandpa”

Wag 'n Bietjie

Have you ever had a kid behind you on an airplane kicking the seat the entire flight?

answered byDariusz Scharsig, Techlead at Hess Cash Systems (2018-present)

A couple of times. And, except one time, all I needed to do was turn around and, nicely, say: “Hey, little fella, is this your first plane ride? Yeah, I get nervous too. You know what helps me? Just closing my eyes and trying to relax. Which is super hard if you kick my seat.” Usually, their parents get super embarrassed and the kid stops right there and then. No hard feelings.

This one kid though, wasn’t even a super small child, rather a teenager I’d say. She kicked my seat a couple of times. I turned around, did my routine, she: “*eye-roll* whatever grandpa” (I was only 32 at that time, anyhow)

Me: Yeah, just please don’t kick my seat. Thank…

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