#EvangelicalsForBiden sexual harassment scandal at Christianity Today

Don’t let names fool you!


Friend of the blog “Wintery’s Friend” sent me news about this breaking scandal. Although some of you may remember the days when Christianity Today was still Christian, they’ve lurched far to the left in recent years. No one conservative posts there or reads it anymore. But now news is emerging about the hypocrisy of CT. In public, they embraced feminism. But in private, something else.

Here’s the story the Washington Times:

Two top executives of evangelical magazine Christianity Today committed “unchecked” sexual harassment of colleagues over the course of a dozen years, the publication said Tuesday.

Mark Galli, who was editor-in-chief of the magazine for seven years before his retirement in January 2020, was accused of multiple incidents of ”demeaning, inappropriate and offensive behavior,” in an online article by CT News Editor Daniel Silliman posted Tuesday.

In December 2019, Mr. Galli — a veteran of several editorial positions in his three decades at the Christian…

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she: “*eye-roll* whatever grandpa”

Wag 'n Bietjie

Have you ever had a kid behind you on an airplane kicking the seat the entire flight?

answered byDariusz Scharsig, Techlead at Hess Cash Systems (2018-present)

A couple of times. And, except one time, all I needed to do was turn around and, nicely, say: “Hey, little fella, is this your first plane ride? Yeah, I get nervous too. You know what helps me? Just closing my eyes and trying to relax. Which is super hard if you kick my seat.” Usually, their parents get super embarrassed and the kid stops right there and then. No hard feelings.

This one kid though, wasn’t even a super small child, rather a teenager I’d say. She kicked my seat a couple of times. I turned around, did my routine, she: “*eye-roll* whatever grandpa” (I was only 32 at that time, anyhow)

Me: Yeah, just please don’t kick my seat. Thank…

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Stop Using Flashlight Apps

Guard your privacy!

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Flashlight apps were once a clever tool inspired by everyone having a display in their pocket. Those days are long gone, though. You shouldn’t be using flashlight apps anymore. We’ll explain why and what you should use instead.

It might be hard to believe, but camera flashes haven’t always been included on smartphones. Apple didn’t add an LED flash until the iPhone 4 in 2010. Even after it became more common for phones to include flash, iOS and Android didn’t have built-in “flashlights” for a while.

Enter flashlight apps.

What Is a Flashlight App?

There are two distinct types of flashlight apps. The first type existed primarily before phones included a flash next to the camera. These apps would simply crank up the display brightness and show a blank white screen. It was a surprisingly effective way to get some light in a dark space.


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If you accept Jesus and become a Christian, will God make you happy? — WINTERY KNIGHT

This is a wonderful, wonderful post from Amy Hall, who writes for the Stand to Reason blog. She writes: I had a brief interaction with an atheist on Twitter a couple of weeks ago that unexpectedly turned to the issue of suffering when she said: You clearly never had a time you were hurt. I […]

If you accept Jesus and become a Christian, will God make you happy? — WINTERY KNIGHT

Russians, Ukrainians Take Advantage of Biden’s Free-for-All on the Southern Border as They Flee Eastern Europe – Thousands have Already Come to the US Through Mexico — The Gateway Pundit

Truth2Freedom's Blog

Ever since Biden took office, he has opened the floodgates on the US Southern Border, catching the attention of the entire world in the process.

In short, he hung a welcome sign on the door, marked the floor to direct invaders where to pick up their taxpayer-funded plane tickets, and sent them on their way with some more goodies – like hotel rooms, food, supplies, and even cash – all, again, paid for by the US taxpayer.

It’s no wonder arecord numberof people have illegally crossed the border in the past 13 months. Not to even mention the countless number of invaders who are able to sneak through undetected. This is a foreign invasion, the likes of which America has never seen.

And it’s not just people from countries south of the US, people from all over the world have been showing up in droves on America’s southern…

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Why did Putin wait for Joe Biden to take office before attacking Ukraine? — WINTERY KNIGHT

I found an amazing article posted at The Federalist that compares and contrasts the foreign policy achievements of Donald Trump vs Joe Biden. It says: Russia invaded Georgia in 2008 when George W. Bush was president. Russia took Crimea in 2014 when Barack Obama was president. Russia has now invaded Ukraine with Joe Biden as […]

Why did Putin wait for Joe Biden to take office before attacking Ukraine? — WINTERY KNIGHT

Should Reformed Christians Be Supporting Putin?

Important for people who think Russia is Christian.

Building Old School Churches

Recently I shared a request from ARP NEWS for prayer and donations to help the refugees who are fleeing the war in Ukraine. Earlier I had shared a prayer request asking for prayer for the people of Ukraine and had added my own request for people to please also pray for the Evangelical Reformed Seminary of Ukraine and their teachers, families, and students.

Apparently, these two requests were too much for one of my Reformed Christian Facebook friends who sent me a message demanding to know why the ARP and I were praying for and supporting the Ukrainians who are, according to him, abortion loving, “Globohomos” instead of the Russians whom he characterized as a Christian nation under a Christian leader who had outlawed abortion and homosexuality.

I wrote the following answer to him but was unable to send it as he blocked me soon after sending his message…

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WE Did This?

This move by Russia was completely predictable, as is China’s next move against Taiwan. Putin was backed into a corner and does what anyone would do when threatened with being surrounded by potential enemies (NATO). This whole thing might be our own fault. Whatever you might think about Pat Buchanan, the arch-conservative commentator who once ran for President, he makes some very salient points in this article which may explain why Russia is acting “aggressively.” It’s certainly not for the reasons Putin listed in his twisted-history speech.

But with Biden turning our military into a poster child for LGBTQA2+ and Harris making irrelevant comments that are as bewildering as Biden’s mumblings, now was the ideal time to strike.

And what does the world think about all this, are we worried about a global war? Nah. We’re more concerned with Covid and climate change. Here’s our special climate envoy John Kerry on the war:

There will be massive emissions consequences to the war but equally and importantly, you’re going to lose people’s focus, you’re going to lose, certainly big country attention because they will be diverted and I think it could have a damaging impact,” Kerry said during a recent interview with the BBC. “Hopefully President Putin would realize that in the northern part of his country they used to live on 66 percent of a nation that was over frozen land, now it’s thawing and his infrastructure is at risk and the people of Russia are at risk. I hope President Putin will help us stay on track with respect for what we need to do on climate.

Really, John?

Russia’s “aggression” only proves that NATO is relevant and necessary after all, so even if Ukraine falls, Putin loses the long game. Unless of course, he continues to get help from incompetent, stupid, “useful idiots” like Biden and the Demonicrats.

Here, maybe this will help.