Want Google Search Results without Tracking? Use Startpage

An informative look at two major privacy-respecting search engines.

Wag 'n Bietjie

byTIM BROOKES | How-to Geek

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Search engines like Google and Bing are notorious for tracking users, but privacy-focused alternatives like DuckDuckGo don’t always deliver Google-quality results. Enter StartPage, a search engine that doesn’t track you while still providing results directly from Google.

What Is StartPage?

StartPage is a search engine that provides results from Google, with a privacy policy that more closely resembles DuckDuckGo’s. The Dutch company has a long-standing agreement to provide search results from Google, so you can still enjoy what many consider to be the “best” search results on the web.

ixquick Meta Search Engine (Wayback Machine)

Previously known as Ixquick, StartPage’s predecessor launched in 1998 (the same year as Google) as a “meta search” engine that aggregated results from a variety of search engines. In the late ’90s, Google wasn’t the behemoth that it is today, so combining results from rivals like Yahoo, Altavista, and Lycos alongside Google seemed like a convincing and unique…

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there is no such thing as the perfect gnu/linux #desktop ! but @oraclelinux, @ibm @redhat and @canonical @xubuntu are as close as you can get

If you’re still using Xubuntu (which is still awesome IMO), this little bit of advice. It may also apply to Xubu-based distros like Linux Lite, so have a look at your Autostart menu, and uninstall unattended-upgrades.


the perfect gnu/linux #desktop just does not exist ! but @oraclelinux, @ibm @redhat and @canonical @xubuntu are as close as you can get


oracle linux and ibm red hat linux only run GNOME which uses 4G of RAM which make them unusable on sub £500 hardware and have never been able to run chromium however MS has now fixed this with edge

xubuntu solves the MEMORY problem with XFCE but then pre-installs a lot of AUTOSTART garbage such as SNAP, SPICE & UNATTENDED UPGRADE that use up to 50% CPU for no reason

UU is garbage for THREE reasons

  • it uses 50% CPU
  • it breaks aptitude
  • it doesnt actually install any updates

if you are getting any of these problems or errors

# aptitude safe-upgrade E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend. It is held by process 3349 (unattended-upgr) E: Unable to acquire the dpkg frontend lock (/var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend), is another…

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Does It Matter Which Linux Distro We Use?

Although I have written extensively on why the Linux distribution you choose matters, like for example, choose a distro and you’re also choosing it’s software repositories, or your choice of distro includes your selection of support level, community, etc. Here’s a fresh summary.

Renard's World

I have heard a lot of Linux users say, “It really does not matter which distribution of Linux that you use.”

Are they right about that?

Or are they entirely wrong?

To find out if their statement is true, I will have to do an in-depth analysis.

So, it is dissecting time!

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It was not easy to do on Salix like it was on just about every other Linux distro I’ve ever installed. Underneath the friendly “Linux for Lazy Slackers” is Slackware, after all. Second only to Gentoo or Arch “from scratch” in level of difficulty for an ordinary mortal. Much less a technophobe. But I did it. Somehow.


I got the icon set and themes I wanted that were not in the repositories, and the Brave browser (also not in the repositories and without resolution from Slackbuilds using Sourcery, the very cool Salix tool that builds Slackware packages). I actually found it in another Slackware-compatible third-party repository and unpacked it and installed from the command line. Imagine li’l ol’ me using the command line for anything! Much less making and installing software from outside my distro’s own repositories. And no, not like from just adding some high-risk dumbass PPA for Ubuntu either.

And I think that’s the point in using a Slackware-based Linux distribution. You really can’t help but “learn Linux” just from using it as an ordinary casual user. Yet another good reason to use it.

Majoring on Minors

Since the planet is doomed anyway (according to the Poodle, John Kerry, we have only 9 years left), then why do we give a damn about minimum wages, “whiteness,” “wokeness,” gender identity, critical race theory, political correctness, and all the rest of the stuff that so easily triggers people? Our government is spending money literally like there’s no tomorrow. So obviously they must believe we’re doomed as well. Our kids have no future, right? So why spend money on college or worry about student loan debt at all? It ought to be “eat drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die,” or at the very least, “live and let live” instead of “why aren’t you wearing a mask?” and “did you just assume my gender?”

The self-contradiction is so obvious it’s blinding. We’ve got all these big global emergencies to address: Pandemics, climate change, food supply. So why should we be so laser-focused on racism and gender identity and all that stuff. Yet those are the issues that raise everyone’s hackles instead of the insane power-grabbing by autocratic governments, the continuing loss of our rights to worship, to express opinions that might be unpopular, to associate with who we wish, and to do business with whom we wish to.

The Republic that used to be the United States of America, was lost after 2019, when even our own Supreme Court “declined” to uphold the Constitution (supposedly the supreme law of the land). What we’re transitioning to is an oligarchy of a big business/government partnership reminiscent of Italian Fascism of the 1920s. All the small, private businesses are eliminated and only the big ones remain because they “cooperate” with government. They even get to call it a form of “capitalism” since “private companies” remain. But it’s not free-market capitalism by any means. It’s still totalitarianism. It’s still tyranny. And, it’s inevitable now.

So. Is that any reason to despair? Not at all, if your citizenship is in the kingdom of God. For those in the majority who are not citizens of God’s kingdom, the only hope is to apply for such citizenship by appealing to the King. Pretty soon His kingdom will forcibly remove and destroy the ungodly rulers of this world, rescuing His citizens from out of this fallen world before it is destroyed and re-made for His people. But only for His people. Those in the vast sea of humanity who have resisted Him will be gone, as will all concerns about skin color, gender identity, disease, climate, and all the rest of it. Liberty will be fully restored. His people will literally inherit the Earth.

A Change of Focus

Regular readers will think they’ve gone to the wrong site at first, but let me assure you: This is still Confessions of a Technophobe, and yes I’m still spooked by technology and anything too complex when it comes to doing anything online, whether it’s using a computer or tablet or cellphone. Frustration with tech is what led me to start messin’ around with “alternatives” like GNU/Linux and open-source software. So yeah, I’m still the wary desktop / laptop user “scared of technology” but embracing ways to make it safe and simple at the same time.

But I have more to say than just “hey there’s this bit of tech that seems pretty cool,” or “don’t mess with this here tech because (fill in the blank). I’m still a college student at age 63, just because “always learning” is how I do life. That, and of course, doing more stuff purely for fun. If I live to be a hundred, I’ll die young. But now that there are grown kids and grandkids, and now that the end is closer than the beginning, I want to share more than just the tech stuff. Everything has “gone political” these days and I want to address that, since almost none of that stuff even matters in the long run, yet we make stupid stuff to be the Most Important Issue Facing the World Today and then it falls out of fashion and a whole ‘nother Most Important Thing in the History of Ever comes along to demand our attention and impose more major changes in the way we live. Yet most of that all-consuming stuff is bovine excrement compared to what really matters, not just in this life but in the world to come. So from this point on, Confessions of a Technophobe becomes Robin’s Rants and Raves. I hope my readers find it entertaining, enlightening, and uplifting.