Autism, Awareness, and Acceptance — The Last Refuge

Sorry. Comments had to be closed.April is Autism Awareness Month. That might not even be on my radar if I wasn’t the grandmother of two fantastic little boys who have been diagnosed on the autism spectrum. Old timers here might remember praying for our family and our grandson Conner three years ago when he had […]

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Why Windows is Fundamentally Flawed

This video is very geeky, lots of technobabble that most of us won’t understand.  But it thankfully short, and understandable enough – even for a technophobic Ba’ku boy – to make you really think twice about using Microsoft Windows if you don’t have to (like at work or school if you’re just stuck with it).  But at home, or anywhere that the “rules” don’t require you to use Windows, seriously look at an alternative!  I wanted to try Mac, but the price tag was unbelievably incredibly ridiculous!  Looking for any other alternative, I discovered Linux and found one perfect for a technophobic student.  Heck I even did all my schoolwork on Linux, using LibreOffice and saving it in Microsoft Word format or pdf.

Anyway, three flaws that make Microsoft Windows so susceptible to viruses and stuff:

Programs run as “Administrator.”  This means most programs running on Windows have total access to everything, including system files – like knobs and levers and pedals and whatever that controls the machine!

Hardware drivers – not part of the kernel, but added on from different vendors (who may or may not be Microsoft) with God Only Knows what’s in them – but they too have “root” (Administrator) access.  They have to.  In Linux, though external drivers are rarely used, but most drivers are written right into the kernel.

No permissions assigned to individual programs.  One program has all access to run amok, system-wide, unchecked.  Yikes!

Anyway, techno-wizardly super geek or not, this video offers some important info about the most used operating system in home computers (Linux rules the server market!).  It’s only 7 and 1/2 minutes long, so it’s endurable.  I share it because it’s important, okay?

‘Delete Facebook NOW’ says the Co-Founder of WhatsApp

Yet Another Reason to dump Farcebook!

Privacy Blog

WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton urged people to ‘delete’ their Facebook accounts now, during an address made to students. Acton accuses Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg of trading privacy for revenue after allowing ads on the platform. He has now called for people to ‘reject’ Facebook by deleting its family of apps from their smartphones and other devices.

Brian Acton is a co-founder of WhatsApp, a business later acquired by Facebook.

It comes after the world’s largest social network has been beset by a string of privacy scandals. The data of 87 million users was improperly accessed by Cambridge Analytica, linked to the 2016 Trump presidential campaign.

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Decentralized Social Networking

From my friend and diaspora pod administrator (“podmin”), a good, common sense explanation of why the federated social networks are better than Farcebook, Twitter, etc. Also some plain talk about the “censorship” debate, which is actually winding down for a bit, albeit only temporarily I’m sure:

Free Speech?

The Rebellion Continues

Just do a search of “diaspora rebel alliance” (including the quotes) and you see the whole repetitive argument going on and on in ever-widening circles. And it has gone far beyond Diaspora now. In spite of the new name, Diaspora-Rebel-Alliance, this is just the latest iteration of a very old free-speech debate in the Federated networks.

A few years back, the “free speech” argument was used to defend Islamic terrorists on Diaspora* using this platform to recruit and coordinate activities.

For both legal and ethical reasons, these Islamic terrorists were censured and blocked at pod level by most if not all the common sense podmins (“podmin” is the diasporian term for “administrator” – an ordinary user who hosts his or her own Diaspora instance, called a “pod”). Nazi hate speech is no different from that of the Islamic extremists who were exposed and (hopefully) blocked forever.

These people refuse to set up their own pod; “NaziPod” or whatever they would want to call it. Instead they create multiple accounts on other pods and then whine and moan about being “persecuted for their free speech” when a podmin bans them. Podmins have every right to do that. Free speech doesn’t include any such thing as “the right to be heard.” Only the right to speak. Go ahead, Nazi idiots, speak freely. But not on my server, that I pay for.

Why is that so freakin’ hard for these people to understand?

ANSWER: They do understand it. But the point is not about free speech, it’s about their imagined “right to be heard,” and on your server, at your expense. They want to shove it down your throat and impose their bullshit on the whole of the Federation. Free speech arguments in defense of Islamic extremist terrorism was stupid then, and it’s the very same debate now as it was back then.

Fortunately it will be over soon, as the most ardent advocates of this insanity have shown their hand and made themselves notorious enough that podmin after podmin is just banning them outright.  Entire pods that are friendly to this kinda stuff are being filtered out by the rest of the federated networks.  Soon the Force will be in balance once more.