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This country is in decline to put it mildly. For decades we have allowed every anti American thought and anti American group to flourish under our system of openness, fairness and liberty to the point at which we are at this date in history. We are loosing our country to Socialists , Communists and Marxists at an alarming rate and on a daily basis. Each day the leftists and progressives gain ground and power and are well on their way to reshaping America into something most of us will not recognize as the ” Shining City on a Hill” that was so aptly named by our President Ronald Reagan. Our so-called leaders of today, left and right, have sold all of us out , by dividing us against each other and preaching systematic racism as our war of life. These lying American haters have infiltrated every segment of our…

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What does a True Church Look Like?

he good news today is that I’m not on “double secret probation” or anything at my current “Reformed” SBC church due to my change in theology, so for now there’s no reason to look elsewhere.

I did visit two Presbyterian churches near me. One was when we first moved to this little town 3 years ago. It was barely hanging on, more like a mission church than a particularized church. Two or three people doing all the work, the rest pew-sitters (that according to an Elder there). Last weekend I visited another Presby church, slightly farther away but no big deal as far as distance goes, and found the same thing. One single family does literally all the work there. The teaching, preaching, song service, administration, building maintenance, Ev. Re. Thing. There is one other Elder (“Ruling” Elder”) who does who knows what if anything.

In my mind, these are not truly churches at all. If the saints are not being equipped for the work of ministry so that only one or two people are doing everything and everyone else is along for the ride, it’s not functioning as a church in any way. Except maybe the administration of the Sacraments.

I wonder how this gets to be the “norm” in churches. It shouldn’t be! The harvest is ripe, and the workers few indeed.

Leave it to the Experts

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Leave it to the Experts

When Protestant denominations leave ecclesiastical matters to “the experts” and the “professionals” (that is, the clergy) there is great, great danger. “Professionals” often want to make a name for themselves, stand out among their peers, or rise to positions of greater influence and wealth.

The largest conservative #Protestant and #Reformed denomination in the US is the #Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). The #PCA makes the distinction between #clergy and laity by calling the former “Teaching Elders” and all non-clergy Elders are dubbed “Ruling Elders.” The bible makes no such distinction between EldersAll #Elders are supposed to #teach#preach#shepherd the flock of #God and all the rest of it. But not all can do it “full time” and be available to #minister at any time. So we have “Teaching Elders” (professional clergy) who can devote themselves to full-time ministry, free of the burden of having to work at a job or run a business. That’s perfectly biblical and proper.

But Ruling Elders gotta rule, y’all. When we defer to the “experts,” the “professionals,” we set those who may already be predisposed to “making a name for themselves” up for greater sin and greater judgement. Those “mainline” denominations that have gone over the cliff have done so because the Ruling Elders let the Teaching Elders run roughshod over them. After all, they’re the experts, right?

We leave the #education of our #children to the #professionals who know “better than we do” about teaching children and what do we end up with? Kids taught to hate each other, hate God, hate America – and they can’t read, spell, write, or balance a checkbook.

We leave #lawmaking up to experts as well. After all, they’re the professionals, right? #Lawyers make up 99.999% of our #legislatures and federal lawmakers. But what do we get from these “experts?” Super-duper-ultra-mega stupid laws that benefit only lawyers, confiscatory taxes, politically correct bovine excrement, and crazy spending to absurd heights of indebtedness.

These people may all be #experts, but handing stuff over to them, deference to a fault may sound sensible and even noble. But life teaches the opposite. From the pulpit to the halls of power in Washington and the training of new generations in the classroom, we must be diligent and keep all the “experts” accountable.

The good news in the PCA is the result of Ruling Elders ruling. The highest percentage of Ruling Elders as delegates to this year’s General Assembly is the reason that potential disaster has been – at least for the time being – averted (or delayed).

Good News from Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) General Assembly

It looks kinda like a reversal of trends that have been going for 10 years. The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) leans more this time towards going “woke,” with their annual national convention, reversing a trend towards more “conservative” positions. And likewise reversing a trend, the PCA has made a push back to the “conservative” (a better word is Confessional, though, in keeping with the denomination’s official summary of their beliefs, the Westminster Confession of Faith) side. For SBC churches that want to remain true to the historic (and confessional – the London Baptist Confession of Faith, no longer the official summary of the SBC’s beliefs), I would point you to the Founders website. Or consider ARBCA, the Association of Reformed Baptist Churches in America.

To read the good news from the 2021 General Assembly of the PCA, you can go here.

A Change in Theology

In a previous “Theology Thursday” post in 2004 to my friend’s blog (here), I wrote about what I summed up as three big differences between Presbyterians and Baptists explaining why I was changing churches. I summed up the differences to three points:

Different Hermeneutics, different views of the Covenants, and different applications of the Regulative Principle of Worship (RPW). Please read that blog post before you read further, in order to understand what follows. Again, go here first, then come back. I’ll wait…

So I’m told by most of my Baptist friends that I summed up the differences pretty well.

But as I continue my studies in Covenant Theology it makes much more sense to me to think of the covenants since the Fall of Adam (before the Fall, the Covenant of Works. After the Fall), as one single progressively revealed Covenant of Grace. Including the New Covenant.

This was never adequately explained to me during my days as a Presbyterian. It was just, “We baptize babies because we’re Presbyterians.” Gimme a break, defend the practice from Scripture or else just shut up. Besides, the word Presbyterian is a reference to a church’s polity, not it’s doctrine. My own SBC Church is “presbyterian” in that regard for goodnessakes.

What changed first was the hermeneutic, “good and necessary consequence” over “necessarily contained,” after I read the Apostle Paul’s use of the former in his Epistles. For example when he’s writing to Gentile Christians at Corinth and describes the children of a believing parent, “as it is, they are holy (1st Cor. 7:14).” He’s applying a principle from the Old Covenant (Moses) to the children of Gentile believers!

Which led to the view of all the Covenants since the Fall as “different administrations of the one single Covenant of Grace, which includes the New Covenant. It is new with respect to Moses, not completely new altogether without relation to the Mosaic covenant, which remains “everlasting … throughout your generations.” Not just a national covenant or an ethnic one, but part of the larger Covenant of Grace, reaching it’s fullest expression in the New Covenant (Christ).

And if (since) the Covenant sign was applied to covenant children under the Mosaic Covenant, so a sign is to be applied to the children of believers under the New Covenant (by “good and necessary consequence”), commanded as to the RPW.

That’s just a very brief summary of course, using the points I made in the old blog post describing the differences. Beyond that there are books and lecture notes by R.C. Sproul, R. Scott Clarke, and Larry Wilson – Reformed theologians you’ve probably heard of. One of Larry Wilson’s articles, here, also has a point-for-point approach that clarified how Covenant Theology is applied by his Presbyterian denomination.

But now…
I actually think I finally understand the doctrinal/biblical reasons for “covenant baptism” as well as believers’ baptism. And it makes so much sense to me now that I can’t dismiss it anymore as “some left-over relic of pre-Reformation Romanism.” There are important theological reasons for the practice, it seems to me, and I may find myself at odds with the London Baptist Confession. I would choose the Westminster Confession over the LBC.

Is that a problem for me? Will this jeopardize my good-faith membership at my current Baptist Church? Even if not, should I consider a church that more fully embraces the doctrinal position my studies have led me to? I wonder. So I shared it with one of the Elders, a good friend, and the leadership of the church is considering what to do about if anything. They may restrict me from teaching, which would probably, effectively, force me to look for another church, or they may try to “convert” me, I don’t know. I’m kinda okay with it either way.

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Here’s Why Switching to Linux Makes Sense in 2021 (Opinion)

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Linux is a good choice for many reasons – but if it isn’t for you, it still makes sense to try it in 2021. Let me tell you why.

byAnkush Das | It’s FOSS


Linux does have several benefits over Windows and macOS in certain areas. People are realizing it, and it is slowly gaining popularity in the desktop OS market.

Of course, the majority of desktop users still swear by Windows or macOS, but a greater number of users are trying out new Linux distributions to see if they can switch to Linux.

They may have heard good things about Linux as a desktop choice, or just want to try something different while confined to their homes. Who knows?

Here, I will be presenting you all the good reasons why Linux makes more sense in 2021.

Linux is Great, But What Makes it Relevant in 2021?

If you already…

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Must read! A hero’s story

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A man from Norfolk , VA called a local radio station to share this on Sept 11th, 2003, TWO YEARS AFTER THE TRAGEDIES OF 9/11/2001.

His name was Robert Matthews. These are his words: •~

A few weeks before Sept. 11th, my wife and I found out we were going to have our first child. She planned a trip out to California to visit her sister. On our way to the airport, we prayed that God would grant my wife a safe trip and be with her. Shortly after I said ‘amen,’ we both heard a loud pop and the car shook violently. We had blown out a tire. I replaced the tire as quickly as I could, but we still…

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Corporate Media is the Problem

In a free society where a free press is there, among other things, to keep watch on the government and inform the People about government overreach, abuse, and corruption, what happens when the press comes to promote a political ideology? It’s no longer free, but becomes a propaganda tool of that ideology and the politicians that promote it. This is what seems to have happened to America’s corporate media and “Big Tech” platforms like Amazon, Google, Twitter, and Facebook. There’s money and power in propaganda, much more than in reporting the news and playing the role of “watchdog” as was the case for most of US history.

Politicians could not have gotten away with the incredible abuses of 2020 (lockdowns, ridiculous restrictions on businesses, churches, etc), the vast overspending of tax dollars, the social engineering, the theft of elections, the unconstitutional theft of power from the States to the national government, the surrender of our borders to human smugglers and drug cartels, the indoctrination of children in government schools, and so much more. The government could not possibly have gotten away with these abuses if we had a free press informing the people and exposing this corruption.

So what can we do about it? We can abandon corporate media and “big tech” in favor of free press outlets like Just the News, OAN, and Newsmax. And we can stop contributing to ideologically-driven corporate media by switching to privacy-respecting search engines like DuckDuckGo or Startpage, and free social sites like Diaspora and Hubzilla.


Sorry if this ticks off my friends and family, but if you’re on Facebook and/or Twitter, you’re contributing to the very people who are driving this corruption and evil. Why is the Ayatollah allowed to publish “Death to America” on Twitter but a former President of the United States is banned? Do you think that’s “free media?” C’mon now. If you still believe in constitutionally restrained government accountable to the people; in financial sanity, in the Bill of Rights, then stop selling yourself to these propaganda arms. And make no mistake, that’s exactly what you’re doing. YOU ARE THE PRODUCT for sale on Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Twitter. Your “likes” and dislikes, search terms, opinions, and interests are gathered and SOLD to advertisers and marketers, both globally and locally. You literally sell yourself to them. I tell you in the name of sanity and decency, STOP IT. There are good alternatives to these corrupt “services,” or you can be really smart and go back to good old fashioned chatting across backyard fences, snail mail (or e-mail), phone calls, shared meals, get-togethers, and visits. Get out from behind the screen and participate in real life for cry’n out loud. Live as God intended, not in isolation with your head down and your mind immersed in virtual worlds it’s easy to live in. Please, while you still can.

Some Americans don’t want the pandemic to end. They have good reasons. — Pyramid

On September 4, 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued an order temporarily halting residential evictions in the United States. The order, made under the Public Health Service Act, was intended to slow the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus and was issued in part because states had different levels of protection against eviction. […]

Some Americans don’t want the pandemic to end. They have good reasons. — Pyramid