The Kids Vote!

By Jamie Taylor

A kid explains what this election means to young people:

“Follow the science!” they say, and we try, really we do! But the science is really confusing. The same science that tells us there might be as many as 80 different genders, and that a single person can change genders at any time, also tells us that white people are inherently evil and should always be ashamed to be white. The same science that tells us kids that we have no future at all, since the planet only has about 12 years of habitable life left to it, also tells that we should live our last few years of humanity cowering in terrified submission to tyrannical rules that restrict us to staying home, having no personal contact, wearing masks that make us feel even more isolated, and only interacting with others virtually – to delay a pandemic which is 98% survivable, especially by kids like me!

The same science that assured my grandparents, when they were my age, that an ice age would consume the Earth by the year 2000, then changed it to global warming, and now call it “climate change” just so the data wouldn’t keep contradicting them. SCIENCE??? Not so much.

Following the money offers a clue about the validity of “scientific findings.” Like tech company funded “science” that tells us that 5G cellular radiation isn’t so bad, or government funded “science” that tells us we’re all certain to die a horrific, agonizing death unless we submit to unconstitutional intrusions upon our liberties for the sake of safety and security.

Well, we kids with “no future” and nothing to lose because we’re all going to die in 12 years anyway, want to live our short lives as free people, like the generations before us. Especially just in case the “science” is wrong again, just as it was when it was telling my grandparents they would die in an ice age. And I have a hunch, based on history, that the “science” is dead wrong again, and that freedom is more precious than life itself. So please, you adults out there, vote to restore and maintain liberty for yourselves, for us, and for our kids someday, because we all know the world will go on spinning until it’s Creator wills it to stop.

Please vote for Donald J. Trump!