Danged if You Do, Danged if You Don’t

Maybe I’m finally getting a sense of what it’s like for Linux developers, putting up with criticism from people like me who really have no clue about what goes into developing an operating system or software.

“This distro has too many PPAs!” I complained both here in my blog and the distro’s forum.

The next release, the distro had moved stuff into it’s own repository and had no PPAs. Very cool! They listened!

Now the latest version of the distro offers Google Chrome as it’s default browser. My reaction: “WHAT!? Google is EVIL! Forget this, I’m outta here!” But that particular distro is for novice users, most either coming from Windows or altogether new to computing. Chrome is probably a good choice for them, I guess, but – it’s effing EVIL. So the developer offers a way to get Firefox instead, but it installs snapd and comes as a snap package! My reaction: “Nooooo, snapd is EVIL! You should offer a PPA instead!”

Danged if he does, danged if he doesn’t. See what I mean?

I hate it when my hypocrisy shows up so obviously for the whole world to see. Criticism of a free OS coming from a clueless technophobe. So I apologized publicly on the forum, and now here on the blog.

I know I’m not unique or alone in such bad behavior, but maybe my bad example can be helpful to some others who, like me, have been quick to criticize when they really don’t know the work they’re finding fault with. Let’s give developers a break, and make your findings – good and bad – known privately and politely as a tester if you want to help make it better.