Bio: A perpetual student, always learning and (hopefully) growing. A geeky but slightly technophobic sidekick with no desire to be anything more than "just" a sidekick helping a hero be his best. Every Batman needs a Robin to keep him from becoming jaded and uncaring. I'm "a bridge back" for my hero, from the heartless pursuit of justice back to love and care - the reason justice really matters. In this brilliant article "Why Robin Makes Batman Better," (, Evan Narcisse writes: "When Bill Finger, Jerry Robinson and Bob Kane had Bruce Wayne take a suddenly bereaved Dick Grayson under his wing, it introduced an element of empathy and family to Batman's evolution. After all, Batman could've been a hard-ass and left the tearful, traumatized boy acrobat at the circus. But the oath that Dick Grayson swears in the Batcave doesn't get the kid on the vengeance trail. It also pulls Bruce Wayne back from a darkness that would eat him alive." That's what I do. And it's all I really want to do. I don't need to become another "dark knight" or anything like that. My role is to keep my dark knight from getting consumed by all that darkness and battle.

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