You might think that over time, a technophobe would become more comfortable with the newer, “user-friendly” technologies, but the opposite is true now that identity theft and government spying have become so prevalent.

This blog isn’t about preventing those things, but more about what technophobia used to mean: Fear of messing up my computer and messing up my school work and stuff by pressing the wrong button or something!  In truth, anyone doing anything on line should expect no more privacy than a goldfish in a bowl!  But this blog is more about how I keep computing with Linux-based systems simple and safe.

Linux is not just for geeks!

Even kids and technophobes like me can manage to get a lot of work done without being locked into a single vendor like Microsoft or Apple, and being at the absolute mercy of Windows or Mac.  So far I have got all my college coursework done without having to resort to the terror and tyranny of a computer operating system that scares the heck out of me; that interrupts me in the middle of my school work to do a “security update” that threatens to render my previous work useless; or constantly badgers me with “Can I help?” and “Are you sure?” popups that only trigger further techno-terror.

The Baku rejected technology because it nearly wiped out their entire civilization!

If you’re a Star Trek fan, you might remember the kid pictured above:  A member of a society that rejected technology as something to be feared and avoided because it nearly destroyed his parents’ world, suddenly confronted with 24th century technology and eventually making friends with Data, the super-advanced positronic and sentient android who was 3rd-in-command of the Federation’s flagship.  Well in a way that’s me.  Still scared of “pushing the wrong button and blowing something up that I don’t mean to,” but at the same time, “making friends” with the super-advanced Linux family of operating systems that are FREE and which help keep my really old and very modest computer out of the landfill and running like new.

So read on and maybe you can make a new friend too!



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