I Got Promoted…

…to Lieutenant Commander in the Confederate Space Force! My first command was on our latest away mission while the Captain was assigned to a spy mission where he was able to document this alien life form working for the Democratic Party:

Alien trying to interpret symbols

In an art museum, this well-disguised life form was trying to interpret symbols on a fire suppression access panel. Obviously an alien, ignoring the existing cultural wealth of the museum in order to undermine the safety of visitors.

In the meantime I was tasked with conducting battle drills on the CSS General Lee (pictured below). Not so much to sharpen the crew’s fine skills as to familiarize me with my new ship and the protocol I am expected to follow as First Officer (still a sidekick, dontchya know).

CSS General Lee

It’s a great honor and a great challenge! More later as things develop and as public release allows.

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