Keep it Clean

Nothing to obsess over, but a good habit to form early.


Remember to clean your firearm after shooting, or if it’s been gathering dust. Shame on you if it has, get out and practice.

Now, oddly enough, in Army training, including Infantry, we were NOT allowed to clean our rifles. If you were caught with your rifle broken down you were in for a butt chewing you’d not forget. The point that was being made was that you could depend on that gun to work, no matter how filthy it was. So your M-16’s lay on the ground, dusty or muddy, we did stream crossings with it strapped to our backs and under water, we sweated all over them. But for the average person, cleaning your firearm is a good idea. First off, it familiarizes you with what it is and how it works. Secondly, it does keep the gunk out of it so you CAN relay on it to fire…

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