I Never Did Understand.

Mrs. Robin says, “Company is coming, so we have to clean up, fix up, and dress up the house for our guests.”

And I say, “Waitaminute. The house doesn’t have to be neat and clean for the people who live here and who you supposedly love, but for strangers and friends it has to be squeaky clean and shiny? Ever ask yourself why?”

Mrs. Robin dismisses the question and assigns chores and a panicked timetable for getting them all done.

And I, being a black-hearted sonofabitch, take my sweet time and get almost none of it done in time for guests to show up. Our home isn’t dirty or anything, but it isn’t ready for a Better Homes and Gardens photo shoot either.

And our guests are full of compliments for Mrs. Robin on how lovely our home is.

But my question remains, sincerely: Why do guests matter more than those who live here and pay for everything?

Jus’ ask’n.

5 thoughts on “I Never Did Understand.

  1. 😄 Consider it a case of the lady of the house wanting to make a good first impression. She wants the guests to be amazed whenever they visit her home and not be embarrassed by a shirt thrown on a chair or a pair of dirty sneakers in the middle of the living room.


  2. “guests are full of compliments for Mrs. Robin on how lovely our home is”

    Yes BUT, do people have a tendency to be completely honest or do they prefer to avoid making negative comments that might offend and cause an undiplomatic faux pas of middle class unrespectability?

    Who is deemed responsible for the state of the house and whom do you think your guests think is responsible for the state of the house?

    Once your guests leave and talk privately amongst themselves will they be making negative comments to each other about how poor a job Mrs Robin is doing because there was some noticeable defect such as a misplaced item of clothing or the wrong sort of newspaper or magazine had been left out on the coffee table (eg Socialist Worker newspaper and not the Daily Mail , or Mother Jones magazine instead of Horse & Hound) or the Chateau Mouton Rothschild was not served at the correct temperature.

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    1. Yup. Guests will judge Mrs. Robin. I will not. I keep a very neat place myself, probably only because I need to. Visual clutter is as bad for me as the “neural noise” is when there are a lot of people around.


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