Why Not Devuan?

So in my last posting I wrote about replacing Linux Lite with antiX, addressing the “political Linux” concerns and my apparent hypocrisy in choosing antiX.

The expected question I never got, surprisingly, was why don’t you just use Devuan instead of antiX?

It’s a good question even though no one ever asked me. On the interwebz the question is asked once in a while among those who favor the non-systemd distros. And the usual answer is that Devuan is much better. Plus the default desktop in Devuan is Xfce, my most favoritest and the bestest, most wonderfulest and awesomeful desktop environment in the history of ever. In antiX the desktop is a choice among window managers that doesn’t even include the best of them, which in my opinion is Openbox.

My answer is that I want to the supercool tools found in antiX and MX-Linux, to include the USB-formatter, ISO-maker and other wicked-kewl tools.

If there’s a way to get those on Devuan instead of using antiX, I’ll sure as heck do so. Do I just add MX-Linux repositories to Devuan or what? Remember I suffer from moderate-to-severe technophobia, so don’t make the answer (hopefully in a comment) all complicated and technical.


2 thoughts on “Why Not Devuan?

  1. One comment I found here(https://sysdfree.wordpress.com/2019/10/25/282/), quoted below, makes me a little suspicious of Devuan, but I really am not familiar with the insider politics of any distro.

    > I don’t hate Devuan, I distrust Devuan’s repository system, and the explanations their “authorities” give to justify its mysterious ways. But this is a good opportunity to bring the subject UP again. Devuan -testing or Beowulf is following buster, right? For some time now there are NO UPGRADES, while they claim their repository is “merged” with Debian’s. How can antiX/Debian 19/buster rain updates every day almost, even at a minimal installation (no DM, openbox) but Devuan’s same branch is DRY? So it is not feeding Debian’s repositories, it is lying about it! When Devuan stops its upgrading (freezing) they freeze Debian as well. This is going on for a while now. If it wasn’t out of respect for Refracta and the man that brought (struggled to) OpenRC to Devuan I wouldn’t even bother knowing this is going on. But IT IS, and I WAS RIGHT, but they blocked and banned me out of their list and forum instead of giving a straight answer. Hence the distrust! The JUSTIFIED distrust in what they are mixing, why and how, and just feed as binaries to their users!
    > So what’s going to happen when they finally announce Devuan 3 Beowulf as Stable? You are going to make an installation and it is then going to rain 2-3 months worth of upgrades all at once, so it would be a waste of an installation bandwidth, really! So go with antiX, it is cleaner and more direct, more open in what it does and has nothing to hide. It is also free of this stack-up corporate/academic attitude “we don’t have to explain everything” I learned to hate about devuan.


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