Russians, Ukrainians Take Advantage of Biden’s Free-for-All on the Southern Border as They Flee Eastern Europe – Thousands have Already Come to the US Through Mexico — The Gateway Pundit

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Ever since Biden took office, he has opened the floodgates on the US Southern Border, catching the attention of the entire world in the process.

In short, he hung a welcome sign on the door, marked the floor to direct invaders where to pick up their taxpayer-funded plane tickets, and sent them on their way with some more goodies – like hotel rooms, food, supplies, and even cash – all, again, paid for by the US taxpayer.

It’s no wonder arecord numberof people have illegally crossed the border in the past 13 months. Not to even mention the countless number of invaders who are able to sneak through undetected. This is a foreign invasion, the likes of which America has never seen.

And it’s not just people from countries south of the US, people from all over the world have been showing up in droves on America’s southern…

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