7 Reasons Why Linux Is Not The Dominant OS On PCs — Renard’s World

Renard tells us the reasons why Linux is not the dominant OS on PCs.

7 Reasons Why Linux Is Not The Dominant OS On PCs — Renard’s World

Okay, that’s the desktop. But the server market share is a whole ‘nother thing! Linux dominates the server market share by a huge margin. It’s not the point of Renard’s article, but it’s certainly worth mentioning.

The Linux desktop is a hodgepodge of different desktop environments, window managers, software packaging, and support options. Most Linux distros do not take the one-size-fits-all approach the way that Ubuntu, Mint, Zorin, Mangero, PCLinuxOS, etc do. And of those that try the one-size-fits-all thing, there are huge differences even among the ones that are “made to look like Windows or Mac.” And that is key: One-size-fits-all does not work for Linux. It never can. There’s no “standard desktop” or “standard software management” or even a standard kernel for cry’n out loud. Linux will never enjoy a decent market share of the desktop, but that’s no awful tragedy or anything. It’s really okay. You use what you like and just enjoy the benefits of greater security and freedom, and the admiration of your friends who think you’re some kinda wonderful computer wizard with awesome techno-knowledge and mad geek skills – even if you’re just an ordinary kid or an aging great-grandparent or even a technophobe like me, still generally scared of technology.

3 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why Linux Is Not The Dominant OS On PCs — Renard’s World

  1. I actually enjoy the diversity of Linux although I freely admit that I typically stick with the Debian branch although I have flirted with Red Hat and the Gentoo branch.


  2. I played with Linux years ago, but could never get the wife to try it. Have a Ubuntu box, played with Mint and had a couple of distros on USB sticks . Bootable, that I would umm.. Use on my work laptop. Been a few years now since I used it. But something I may delve into when I retire…in less then 6 months now!!

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    1. Congratulations on retiring soon! I’m aiming for that, but I don’t expect to be able to retire, not fully at least, ever. But I’m sure that retirement would be bad for me. I took a little more than a week off due to a positive COVID test. I was idle for only a little more than a week, and it wasn’t pretty. Lots of wasted time, thoughts wandering where they shouldn’t have and leading to deeds I regret. I can’t play golf, and I can’t sit still, and I can’t trust myself with lots of idle time. So for my soul’s sake I think I’ll either keep on working or find something else to do rather than just sit and deteriorate as I did all last week. I actually scared myself!

      But I will take time to mess around with Linux distros here and there and share with others just because it’s simply fun – much more fun when shared!

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