Even in 2021, Lefty Lunacy Wasn’t Done!

A Summary: A Year of Lefty Lunacy. One down, Three to Go.

A Lady of Reason

Happy New Year everyone! As usual, A Lady of Reason presents the annual roundup of Leftist lunacy. Of course, nothing could beat 2020 as a year of total insanity, but 2021 comes in with some choice moments of its own 😉 Let’s get started:

The Right-Wing Insurrection That Wasn’t…

The year had barely gotten started when what would be a peaceful protest against the phony Biden election with mail in ballots and discarded votes in a rigged election was turned into chaos and insanity! The narrative was that radical right wing groups sought to overthrow the rule of law and government proving to the Left that we’re all just a bunch of domestic terrorists. Some in the Capitol even claimed their “trauma” experienced on that fateful day was akin to those who survived 9/11! However, censored footage and information showed that things aren’t often as they appear: Security letting in…

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