Why Should You Use Open-Source Software?

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Open-source software is something you’ve likely come across on the internet, commonly made by smaller development teams as free alternatives to popular programs. But this goes much further than price—open-source programs offer a lot of other positives that make them worth using.

Table of Contents

What Is Open Source Software?
Software Freedom
Mods and Forks
A Few Downsides
Should You Actually Use Open-Source Software?

What Is Open Source Software?

What is Open-Source Software text over gray and blue background

Let’s start by actually defining what open-source means relative to software.

To put it briefly, this means the software’s source code (which is the collection of code that makes up a piece of computer software) is public and can be modified, copied, or redistributed by anyone. This is opposed to proprietary software companies that produce closed-source software, which typically locks away the source code from users so it can’t be modified. The vast majority of programs you…

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