Women seeking to be inferior Men


>> It is a tragedy that this young woman is dead. But it is a disgrace that she was in the position to be slain to begin with. A young mother should be home with her child, not playacting at being a man by pretending to be a cop. Women have been forced into these masculine roles as yet another way of destabilizing the family unit and thus destabilizing society. <<

Call me sexist, misogynistic, whatever. But the sexes (only two of them) are different and are created for different roles in the family and society. Only doing it God’s way preserves humanity free, healthy, and prosperous.




ONAUGUST 10, 2021


Violence in the United States is an ongoing indictment of the implosion in real time of that nation. Yesterday I saw that a young female police officer had been ambushed and slain in the failed city of Chicago. Apparently it is now a thing there for violent criminals to call police for help and then ambush them. But what struck me about this story is that the police officer in question had just returned from maternity leave. Her baby was only two months old.

One of the greatest failures of modernity has been its impact upon women. That this impact has been not only deliberate but that women themselves have been conditioned and brainwashed into believing that it is for their own benefit just makes the situation even more unpalatable.

It is a tragedy that this young woman is dead. But it…

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