Corporate Media is the Problem

In a free society where a free press is there, among other things, to keep watch on the government and inform the People about government overreach, abuse, and corruption, what happens when the press comes to promote a political ideology? It’s no longer free, but becomes a propaganda tool of that ideology and the politicians that promote it. This is what seems to have happened to America’s corporate media and “Big Tech” platforms like Amazon, Google, Twitter, and Facebook. There’s money and power in propaganda, much more than in reporting the news and playing the role of “watchdog” as was the case for most of US history.

Politicians could not have gotten away with the incredible abuses of 2020 (lockdowns, ridiculous restrictions on businesses, churches, etc), the vast overspending of tax dollars, the social engineering, the theft of elections, the unconstitutional theft of power from the States to the national government, the surrender of our borders to human smugglers and drug cartels, the indoctrination of children in government schools, and so much more. The government could not possibly have gotten away with these abuses if we had a free press informing the people and exposing this corruption.

So what can we do about it? We can abandon corporate media and “big tech” in favor of free press outlets like Just the News, OAN, and Newsmax. And we can stop contributing to ideologically-driven corporate media by switching to privacy-respecting search engines like DuckDuckGo or Startpage, and free social sites like Diaspora and Hubzilla.


Sorry if this ticks off my friends and family, but if you’re on Facebook and/or Twitter, you’re contributing to the very people who are driving this corruption and evil. Why is the Ayatollah allowed to publish “Death to America” on Twitter but a former President of the United States is banned? Do you think that’s “free media?” C’mon now. If you still believe in constitutionally restrained government accountable to the people; in financial sanity, in the Bill of Rights, then stop selling yourself to these propaganda arms. And make no mistake, that’s exactly what you’re doing. YOU ARE THE PRODUCT for sale on Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Twitter. Your “likes” and dislikes, search terms, opinions, and interests are gathered and SOLD to advertisers and marketers, both globally and locally. You literally sell yourself to them. I tell you in the name of sanity and decency, STOP IT. There are good alternatives to these corrupt “services,” or you can be really smart and go back to good old fashioned chatting across backyard fences, snail mail (or e-mail), phone calls, shared meals, get-togethers, and visits. Get out from behind the screen and participate in real life for cry’n out loud. Live as God intended, not in isolation with your head down and your mind immersed in virtual worlds it’s easy to live in. Please, while you still can.

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