there is no such thing as the perfect gnu/linux #desktop ! but @oraclelinux, @ibm @redhat and @canonical @xubuntu are as close as you can get

If you’re still using Xubuntu (which is still awesome IMO), this little bit of advice. It may also apply to Xubu-based distros like Linux Lite, so have a look at your Autostart menu, and uninstall unattended-upgrades.


the perfect gnu/linux #desktop just does not exist ! but @oraclelinux, @ibm @redhat and @canonical @xubuntu are as close as you can get


oracle linux and ibm red hat linux only run GNOME which uses 4G of RAM which make them unusable on sub £500 hardware and have never been able to run chromium however MS has now fixed this with edge

xubuntu solves the MEMORY problem with XFCE but then pre-installs a lot of AUTOSTART garbage such as SNAP, SPICE & UNATTENDED UPGRADE that use up to 50% CPU for no reason

UU is garbage for THREE reasons

  • it uses 50% CPU
  • it breaks aptitude
  • it doesnt actually install any updates

if you are getting any of these problems or errors

# aptitude safe-upgrade E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend. It is held by process 3349 (unattended-upgr) E: Unable to acquire the dpkg frontend lock (/var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend), is another…

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2 thoughts on “there is no such thing as the perfect gnu/linux #desktop ! but @oraclelinux, @ibm @redhat and @canonical @xubuntu are as close as you can get

  1. Robin, is that OSDE guy for real or just kiddin’? There is a reason for why nobody installs RHEL or Oracle on their own free will. These distros are clunky and unfriendly and restricted. And I guess you can’t even optimize/customize the desktop. So how could they ever come close to perfection when most of us are already working on our own, homemade perfect desktops?


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