A Change of Focus

Regular readers will think they’ve gone to the wrong site at first, but let me assure you: This is still Confessions of a Technophobe, and yes I’m still spooked by technology and anything too complex when it comes to doing anything online, whether it’s using a computer or tablet or cellphone. Frustration with tech is what led me to start messin’ around with “alternatives” like GNU/Linux and open-source software. So yeah, I’m still the wary desktop / laptop user “scared of technology” but embracing ways to make it safe and simple at the same time.

But I have more to say than just “hey there’s this bit of tech that seems pretty cool,” or “don’t mess with this here tech because (fill in the blank). I’m still a college student at age 63, just because “always learning” is how I do life. That, and of course, doing more stuff purely for fun. If I live to be a hundred, I’ll die young. But now that there are grown kids and grandkids, and now that the end is closer than the beginning, I want to share more than just the tech stuff. Everything has “gone political” these days and I want to address that, since almost none of that stuff even matters in the long run, yet we make stupid stuff to be the Most Important Issue Facing the World Today and then it falls out of fashion and a whole ‘nother Most Important Thing in the History of Ever comes along to demand our attention and impose more major changes in the way we live. Yet most of that all-consuming stuff is bovine excrement compared to what really matters, not just in this life but in the world to come. So from this point on, Confessions of a Technophobe becomes Robin’s Rants and Raves. I hope my readers find it entertaining, enlightening, and uplifting.

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