PCLinuxOS Forum: Not for Conservatives or Kids

From this post on Diaspora, a rant from a former PCLinuxOS user and fan:

#PCLinuxOS has really pissed me off

I figured the messed-up fonts would get fixed in a future update but after 3 months, same unsolvable issue. So what, I could live with that. But then

In the Forum’s “Sandbox” section, only visible to forum members who are logged in, there was a thread about #Rush #Limbaugh, filled with hateful, nasty crap celebrating his death and berating his life and his followers. I stood up for Rush, said I was a fan, and that they should at least wait until he assumed room temperature before attacking his memory. Two other forum members agreed. But Tex, the lead developer, among others, resorted to an insulting barrage of hate against Rush, and I logged out, never to return.

I don’t care whether your #Linux distro is left or right politically, but when you use the distro’s official forum to launch a tirade of cruel and venomous hostility toward a public figure for his or her #political views, then you’re just an asshole and you’ve made the distro political as well. I would link to the thread, but the “Sandbox” (kind of a chatty, off-topic subforum) is not visible except to forum members who are logged in.

Once you make an #operating-system political, you’ve crossed a line I can’t abide. Time for a new distro, just because I won’t pollute my #computer with crap from a hostile #Leftist asshole who has made his distro political by posting such vitriol in the official forums.

Looking for a new systemd-free Linux distro. And no, not antix either because of this. I’ll revisit #SalixOS I guess.

“His vile ass is dead.” This from the main developer. Y’know, once you post political crap in the official forums of the distro, you have politicized the distro. A few members spoke up in defense of me and of Rush, but there’s two more pages of hostility that I won’t publish here. The thread is not visible to anyone not logged into the forums, which is probably a good thing. But it’s enough for me to know that the guy I sent money to to support his work is a bitter, hostile Leftist. No more donations to a hateful serpent like that, and because he has politicized the distro, I’m looking for another. Gotta be systemd-free, and rock-stable. Revisiting SalixOS today.

Linux Mint learned a lesson after “the Great Linux Mint Political Train Wreck” that Tex should have learned. But perhaps someday he will. In the meantime, I think the Xfce version, although far more bloated than I would prefer, has been fun and easy to use. Next best thing to Xubuntu, but free of systemd which I really want.

Thanks for the backup, Knot2Smart and Old-Polack. Goodbye.

6 thoughts on “PCLinuxOS Forum: Not for Conservatives or Kids

  1. I’ve got SalixOS on as my daily driver now, and I completely love it. But it’s not without some issues, like the Network Manager connected and disconnected, connected, disconnected and connected again for nearly 10 minutes after boot-up before it calms down and stays connected. Switching from Network-Manager to wicd solved that problem. The Xfce weather applet never worked. But again, no big deal. Based on Slackware 14.2, it’s as rock-stable as Debian Old Stable. I had one single update while during the same period on my Linux Lite laptop there were 50 updates! So yeah, the software is old. Ancient, perhaps, by your usual Ubuntu/Arch/Fedora standards. But that doesn’t mean bad or deficient or flawed or less secure in any way. To me it just means STABLE.

    The bleeding-edge stuff simply doesn’t appeal to me at all. It’s fine for those who insist on it and are willing to take the risks associated with that. But for me, stability is King. Being free of systemd matters a great deal too, and now that I’m no longer in school and not a gamer or anything, I hardly use a computer for anything but e-mail, browsing, and blogging (and that pretty rarely now too). I got what I need and like, and I’m simply sticking with it.


  2. I too am an EX-PCLinuxOS user. Old Polack angered me so badly that I left PCLinuxOS, never to return.
    And this was well before learning that Texstar is a hostile leftist, too. Old Polack, whoever he is, is a completely utterly worthless JERK!


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