Principled Action

Dear Readers,

I found an old Gmail account I haven’t used in a while, signed in, and deleted it. Screw you, Google. I deleted Facebook and moved to Diaspora. I’m also toying with MeWe, but probably not for long since it’s centralized and even deleted a friend’s whole group because they disagreed. I also dumped Microsoft Windows®, since I have no wish to contribute to Bill Gates’ bullcrap, in favor of Linux.
Now it’s Mozilla to delete, because of this. New default setting to filter out content the new dictators don’t like. So it’s Brave browser instead of Firefox, and Evolution instead of Thunderbird. I gave Geary a shot, but when I clicked on Preferences in Geary the app would crash (at least on my current Linux distro). My Internet provider, AT&T, owns CNN Fake News. So I’m working on changing my ISP as well.
My own family thinks I’m “paranoid,” but I’d be hypocritical not to put my convictions into action. They agree that Big Tech is a big, evil problem, but they’ll go ahead and continue giving big tech control over their Internet use, social media, and privacy. No, I’m not paranoid, I’m principled and doing what principle demands.

So, those of you have read my previous post about Diaspora are probably wondering what in hell I’m doing going back there again! Well… Here’s the thing:

It’s decentralized. Meaning it’s not under the control of one single person. If one server (“pod,” in Diaspora’s lingo) goes rogue, I can jump to another or for that matter, run my own!

I’ve found ways to clean up the crap and make Diaspora what I want it to be. It takes some time to do that, but I think it’s worth the trouble. Ask me how in the comments if you’d like to try it. And,

MeWe is such a bewildering, cluttered mess by comparison. Diaspora’s user interface is intuitive and simple, in spite of the learning curve which I think is comparable to Fakebook’s. While “Groups” are a thing on MeWe, I’m able to create my own groups on Diaspora, kinda sorta, by dedicating an Aspect (category) to share exclusively with.

Call me paranoid or a conspiracy type if you want, but one thing you can’t call me is a hypocrite. I’m acting on my beliefs, not just whining about what’s wrong with the rest of the world.

10 thoughts on “Principled Action

  1. “My own family thinks I’m “paranoid,””

    I think your own family are dumfux, sorry. 😉 Since when is it paranoid to no longer support entities who don’t agree with you, or you with them, and are acting against your ideology? It’s the most logical reaction.

    Any of your family divorced? Tell them what you’re doing is just the same. No paranoia, just acceptance that partners (in love and in business) can and will drift apart. Such is life.


  2. Would be interested to hear how your transition from Firefox and Thunderbird goes. There are many of us on Linux who would love to make a change but have been hindered for one reason or another.


    1. Hi Alec,
      Brave browser instantly accepted all my Firefox bookmarks and saved passwords in a few clicks. It was super easy! I replaced Thunderbird with Evolution and it’s every bit as simple and easy as T-bird. It automagically detected all the right server settings after simply entering my e-mail addy and password (IMAP). Depending on your distro, all the software may already be in the repositories for it (I use PCLinuxOS, and both are already there).


  3. I also forgot to mention that I completely agree about Mozilla. I’ve been using Brave for quite some time now. It is based on the Chromium Web Browser code, but we both understand how forks of open source projects can actually be much better then the original in the right hands.


      1. Welllllll, I went and got a channel up on DisHub. It’s called “Robin’s Rants and Raves.” Find it at

        But unless there’s some kinda video tutorial and how to use it, I may never do so. Click and wait…. wait a little longer… try again… waiiiiiiiit…. it won’t show me a public stream, won’t let me search, nothing. All my settings are default, so that ain’t it. I’ll just assume that was having a bad server day and try again later. But if y’wanna, look me up and help me get going on Hubzilla!


    1. Nope. Very steep, with lots of features that simply don’t work. Perhaps has simply abandoned their instance. Even their own forum has no current threads on their hubzilla instance. First they dumped Diaspora, and now it appears they have abandoned Hubzilla as well.


  4. Hi. I’m sorry you are having problems with Hubzilla. I visited and it just seems to be having a lot of problems at the moment.

    From i see some other hubs that you might try, like Free State Project Hub (seems to be working well). they might work better. Not every hub has diaspora and mastodon enabled. I would suggest starting by trying to follow people that you already follow on diaspora. each hub may or may not enable a public stream on their server. But once you start following people, it should start to make some sense.

    Here are some youtube help videos

    I connected to you on hubzilla.


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