KDE vs Xfce on PCLinuxOS

Well KDE is an awesome, hungry and bewildering desktop on PCLinuxOS! Timeshift (backup-and-restore utility) refused to let me create a snapshot after two days of work getting it kinda-sorta mostly to how I wanted my configuration. It’s default pdf reader is Krita, which offered all kindsa fancy options, except to simply print the damned thing. Really? Setting up the printer was easy, but keeping it was a whole ‘nother story. It would quit working, seem to set up my printer again, but refuse to print unless I rebooted! What?! The forum is full of wonderful people, but I apparently confused the heck out of them with the way I asked about the Timeshift issue – solved by installing task-xfce and logging into an xfce session. What the hell does the desktop environment have to do with whether or not Timeshift works??

I dunno, maybe I had a bad copy of PCLinuxOS KDE Edition. But a community released Xfce edition is flawless. Everything works, and it’s a helluvalot less confusing. And much faster.

I’ll play with some other desktops in Virtualbox or on LiveCDs when I have time, but in the meanwhile here’s a look at the good ol’ Xfce desktop on PCLinuxOS!

5 thoughts on “KDE vs Xfce on PCLinuxOS

  1. “awesome, hungry and bewildering”
    That makes no sense. A desktop that is hungry and bewildering doesn’t qualify as awesome.
    I need simple, robust tools, not something that bewilders me. That’s why I’m staying away from KDE as far as possible. Hearing KDE was created by some Germans, made me shy way even more. 😮

    Pheew, fortunately I never, neverever, print anything! Maybe it would turn out that my beloved Archy Linuxes are also just shit. 😮

    Altogether my brief test of PCLOS showed me it’s working … somehow, but not even close to the comfort levels of Endeavour+Mate.

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    1. Awesome because it’s beautiful, rich, full of features and powerful. Bewildering because a lot of those apps do all kindsa cool stuff, yet finding one to do the simple, regular ol’ everyday tasks for schoolwork and stuff it a maze (in spite of their pretty helpful KDE Wiki stuff). And hungry because, well, it’s a freakin’ resource hog, at least on PCLinuxOS. I know it can be almost as lightweight as Xfce if you take out all the bewildering stuff, lol. Even Linux Lite’s main dev is thinking about it!


  2. 🙂 Robin, KDE Plasma is always under constant development; which places it in a much higher position of having bugs.

    Whereas, Xfce’s rate of development is way slower than the rest of the other desktop environments; thus making it somewhat rock-solid.

    Do enjoy the rest of your day!

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  3. I use KDE as mmy daily driver.
    Its memory consumtion is one of the lowest of all DEs and it is really really stable and relieable.
    I suggest you pick a different / more mature distro like Debian as your problems sound like a packaging issue.
    Have a nice day!


  4. I boycott all desktop environments, as they serve to bring the worst of MacOS and MS Windows to Linux desktop systems.


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