Goodbye, RMS

Richard Stallman has resigned as president and board member of the Free Software Foundation (FSF), after taking a controversial stand that seemed to defend Jeffry Epstein’s exploitation and abuse of underage girls.  It cost him his job at MIT as well.

But RMS long ago became a poor spokesman for the cause of free software (also called FOSS, free-and-open-source-software).  He despised the term “open source,” insisted at we all quit saying Linux and change it to GNU/Linux because that’s the license it’s released under.  He made as many enemies as friends because of his language, attitude, and insistence on so many stupid little details that mattered only to him.

You started well, RMS, but you have set free software back almost as far as it advanced.  I don’t think they should even fill the position, but select several decent, personable spokespeople to articulate and advance the cause.  Hopefully Mister Neckbeard will have the grace and good sense to keep his mouth shut now.


3 thoughts on “Goodbye, RMS

  1. More about it here:

    It’s unfortunate when people who have done so much good in the world can be so cold when it comes to exploited children. His personal blog reportedly advocated for loosening legal restraints on child porn as well.

    While I acknowledge that 17-year-olds are not the same as little children, no 17-year-old on Earth is “willingly” intimate with some guy two or three times her age. A prostitute doesn’t do what she does for fun, but for survival, for money, for drugs, etc. Prostitution is not harmless, victimless fun.


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