Between Philosophies: Salix OS

This is probably the best review of Salix OS that I’ve ever seen! It doesn’t just look at the esthetics, included software, package management, and performance, but it delves into the philosophy that motivated the development of the distro, and it’s history. Linux used to have one of those. Philosophies, I mean. Principles that mattered more than your distro’s popularity and placement on Distrowatch’s ranking.

“Between philosophies” describes the balance Salix successfully strikes and maintains between Slackware’s bare-bones, terminal-and-text approach to things in the name of simplicity, and a common sense point-and-click approach that saves time and keystrokes. The GUI (Graphical User Interface) doesn’t babysit newbies, nor prevent them from acting without reading the manual first. Being a responsible user is still required. Or to quote the article,

being a Lazy Slacker does not mean being an Ignorant one.

Have a look, see if the challenge doesn’t appeal to some geeky corner of your brain, even if you’re scared of technology like I am!

One thought on “Between Philosophies: Salix OS

  1. I have tried a variety of slack-x-Os distros, and although I didn’t find anything particularly wrong, I just wasn’t that impressed. Lately I tried slackel for the first time, which is a blend of salix and slackware with some customization and some unique tools of its own. Much better, my slackware respect was elevated.

    As you may know, I come from the background of “if they are not using systemd they are worth a try, if they are not using elogind as essential part of the distro, they are floating at a higher level”. So mx goes to the very bottom, antix, obarun, void, adelie, alpine, … float on top! The rest I am bored with 🙂


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