[Review] BunsenLabs – a reason to love Linux

You don’t hear about this Linux distro a lot, even in those numerous “Best Lightweight Linux Distros” posts that list the most popular and famous “lightweight” distros, some of which don’t even belong in that category!

But this one, the heir of Crunchbang Linux, is the fastest and most stable of the lightweight Linuxes! Not especially newbie friendly, but I think it’s easy enough to use by anyone who has used any desktop Linux for about year or more. It’s still point-and-click simple, and ultra light!

Old but Cool Stuffs

BunsenLabs is one of the reason why I love Linux. Not because of its beauty or visual charm, but more to its simplicity and being very “light”. BunsenLabs (formerly known as CrunchBang) is based on a Debian stable branch. It is a community based distro as a continuation of the CrunchBang project. It is available as 32-bit (for ancient 32-bit hardware/processor) and 64-bit (designed for modern 64-bit machine at least comes from a decade ago).

Default Openbox desktop in BunsenLabs

What we should appreciate about it is the low hardware requirements, makes it “usable” on an ancient hardware with only 256 MB of RAM and single core processor (2 GB RAM is “luxurious” for BunsenLabs). Don’t compare it to WinXP though, as it is a modern OS indeed, and suitable to run and do “modern” tasks in modern standard. BunsenLabs “Helium” (its codename for the current…

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