Decentralized social media. What is it and why you want it.

“Federated” social networks explained better than I can do! By the way I’m on Diaspora and Mastodon… jus’ say’n

Mr. Funk E. Dude

Whenever I try to explain this to people in person, there’s always this confused bewildered look on their faces. It’s that face you see when people think they know what you are talking about, but aren’t really sure they understand. It’s got a lot to do with the terminology, so let me give you a few definitions first. ( taken from a great article by the creator of Mastodon. )

decentralization, noun: The dispersion or
distribution of functions and powers; The delegation of power from a
central authority to regional and local authorities.

fediverse, noun: The decentralized social network formed by Mastodon, Pleroma, Misskey and others using the ActivityPub standard.

So imagine you have a Gmail account. You want to send email to your friend at Hotmail. So, you type in from your Gmail inbox, and it gets sent to that person. Pretty easy right? Now imagine…

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