Plan A After All

Plan B was going to be to leave my laptop on Linux Lite, just so I could have the easy, simple, clickable USB utilities I enjoyed in Linux Lite (borrowed from Linux Mint and adapted for Linux Lite by the Great and Venerable “Ralphy,” of fame).

Since then, however, I have found that GParted can quickly – but not quite as simply – format any USB drive in a few clicks, and an app in the PCLinuxOS repositories called “ddCopy” performs the other function I relied on Mintstick for. So….

Plan A will work after all! Next post I’ll write about the newest Xfce “mini” edition of PCLinuxOS, when I install it on the old laptop.

Happy Canada Day (belated, it was July 1st) to my Canadian readers and happy Independence Day to my US readers!

2 thoughts on “Plan A After All

  1. JUST downloaded newest xfce of PCLINUXOS… looks a bit busy, lots of programs.
    Still haven’t figured out how to use MyLiveCD instead of Systemback to make a live ISO with
    settings (as a backup) …But it certainly looks robust and swift, too. Will await your further experiences. Cheers.


    1. Yuppers, the “regular” Xfce PCLinuxOS is pretty busy with lots of stuff and cruft I don’t use at all. So on the lappy I just installed the MINI-Xfce iso. Much less stuff, just what you need to run it and install the software you really want. Hyooooge repositories though, huh? It’s got Seamonkey in the repos too! Awesomeness.

      Install was effortless, but it doesn’t have all the babysitting you find in Ubuntu’s wonderful Ubiquity installer. This is Draklive and you’ll find quite a bit of other evidence of PCLinuxOS’ Mandriva heritage in there too.

      If I introduce a Linux novice to PCLinuxOS, I think I would install it for them if they were happy with the LiveCD, just because you kinda sorta hafta know a teensy bit about partitioning to do it well. The documentation is first rate, however, so probably any non-technophobe could actually do it.


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