Best Mozilla Replacement

I’ve written two previous posts about replacing Mozilla software with alternative e-mail and web browsing software, out of protest for two things:

First was the (I know, this is old news, you don’t hafta tell me it was “a long time ago”) company’s firing of a it’s CEO for daring to express a politically incorrect opinion, and second is the extreme bloat and resource hunger of the later versions of Mozilla’s flagship browser, Firefox.

Wellllll, dontchya know, my old favorite, Seamonkey, is an independent project, no longer developed by the politically-correct bloatmasters. This is actually old news too, but I’m a slow learner I guess. Thunderbird is also an independent and separate project now as well, although for the time being both projects have agreements with Mozilla for hosting and some legal stuff.

So I’m a Seamonkey fanboy again!

I guess by the time I finally decided to act on my convictions, Seamonkey and Thunderbird had already been independent projects. Duh.

But like I said, I’m a slow learner.

5 thoughts on “Best Mozilla Replacement

  1. I know I should try Seamonkey by myself and test it out but I’m soooo lazy. Please tell me if it’s possible to just take all my couple hundred Bookmarks with me and if Seamonkey has all those nifty Add-ons. I’m not a fan of too much fanciness and stuff going on neither, but Bookmarks and Add-ons are a must for me.


    1. Seamonkey can import bookmarks from Firefox, and mail from Thunderbird. Add-ons are a whole ‘nother thing. Most Firefox add-ons work on Seamonkey, but not all. Seamonkey was built from the ashes of the grand ol’ Netscape Internet Suite, and revived as a Mozilla project at first, before Mozilla decided to set it (and later, Thunderbird) aside and concentrate on on the bloated resource hog, Firefox.

      Seamonkey has thousands fewer lines of code than Firefox and still does more. It’s lighter and faster. Very quick and nimble on my modest hardware. And less buggy than Midori.

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      1. See, and I always thought it’s just a FF on diet. And I also thought they were both built from Netscape. Anyway, I’m not using too many Add-ons, just Fat Free Fox, Google image search, uBlock origin, YouTube High Definition and of course Zen Mate. Hubby uses many more add-ons, he sometimes makes his browser so absolutely waterproof he first must turn off a dozen add-ons in order to watcha simple video. LOL, how compiicated.

        Otoh I never had the impression that my FF was laggy in any way so I don’t see a reason why I should switch.


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