More PCLinuxOS Awesomeness

It’s not just the bestest, most wonderfulest, and awesomeful Linux distro in the history of ever, it’s even more! It’s free e-mail, free image hosting, chat, the best Linux-related monthly magazine (viewable on the web or downloadable as a PDF). The community is very active, and not just in the forums, but elsewhere contributing to the whole project in a thousand ways. This is truly a community-driven distro – with wonderful perks no other distro offers that I know of.

It’s also, apparently, some kinda well-guarded secret or something. I’m absolutely amaaaaazed that this distro hasn’t been Number One for all this time. But I suspect that a lot of users of other distros who would flee from systemd, commercialism, and corporate disregard for the community, will find there way to PCLinuxOS as I have.

2 thoughts on “More PCLinuxOS Awesomeness

  1. Hey Robin, guess I’ve tested PCL a couple years back or so. Something was obviously putting me off, either I didn’t like the desktop or I failed installing the OS at all.

    Maybe it’s time to give it another chance?

    BTW, what’s PCL based on? If it’s any *buntu or RHEL offspring or exclusively available in KDE flavour you can count me out. I’m such a picky bitch. 🙂


    1. I think it was forked years ago from the original Mandriva. But it’s it’s own unique flavor now, there isn’t any “upstream” except for the Linux kernel and apps. It uses apt and Synaptic like Debian, but RPM packaging like Fedora. Also, PCLinuxOS comes in all kindsa flavors! I’m using the Xfce version, but there’s Mate, LXDE, even Enlightenment! KDE is just the “main” or “featured” original version. I’m like you, I wouldn’t have anything to do with KDE until they fix a lot of stuff.


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