The WWW Sucks! :(

Seriously – why do computers (especially browsers and such) become obselete so darned fast? This video helps explain it.

Thar She Blows!

Bryan Lunduke is at it again. No, this ain’t one of his annual conference presentations – he gave up on those – but an interesting presentations nontheless. There aren’t as many stale geeky insider gags in his latest speech, neither is it about how “Linux Sucks!” but this time he rages against the World Wide Web.

Yes, his presentation is one of his usual roundhouse kicks against all the many negative, stupid and hare brained schemes the industry inflicts on us thru the web but this time there’s no reveal, no turn-around, no hidden gimmick in his presentation.


Has our beloved Linux clown grown up? Yes, it appears so! Nevertheless it’s an interesting and rewarding view. Well worth investing almost an hour of your precious time into watching it.


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2 thoughts on “The WWW Sucks! :(

    1. But one remark about obsolete computers: It’s wrong. I bet my SiemensFujitsu laptop from 1997 would work the same as it did back in the day. With a well maintenanced Win95 (there was no Linux at that time) it should still give you good service. Particularly when we take into account how much better the manufacturing quality was then. Remember the legendary IBM Model E keyboard? And even on laptops you usually had really good keyboards. And a keyboard for me is still the most important part of any computer.

      Of course you shouldn’t even try connecting to the internet of today with that thing … but then, who needs an internet when typing The Novel of the 21st Century?


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