I Dodged a Bullet

I have been heartily recommending Linux Lite for newcomers to, but even this awesome beginner’s distro (and not just for beginners, by the way) was susceptible to buggy from “upstream” (Ubuntu). A beta version of the Grub bootloader was included in updates from Linux Lite following the “recommended procedure” for updating the distro. It also affected those users who use the old Synaptic -→ Refresh -→ Mark All Upgrades -→ Apply procedure.

The buggy Grub version – and it’s bug-free replacement – are Beta (experimental) software.

What the heck is beta software doing in a LTS version of a “beginner’s distro?”

Save that experimental stuff for the in-between releases for cry’n out loud. Beginners should not be beta testers!

One of the best things about Linux Mint, when I was using it (no longer – very bloated compared to Linux Lite), is the wonderful Mint Updater! It allows the user to select updates and avoid the risky stuff.

I’m pleased to report that the wonderful Mint Updater has been adapted for Linux Lite!

It’s “unofficial,” not the “recommended procedure” for updating Linux Lite (although it may be in the future, I hope), but it saved me from the Grub Bug!

Read more about using the wonderful Mint Updater on Linux Lite at

4 thoughts on “I Dodged a Bullet

  1. You are right what the heck are they doing putting a beta version into LTS version? What did they hire Microsoft programmers?


  2. LOL no they didn’t hire Microsoft programmers… but it has always been a thing with Ubuntu to include beta software, even in their LTS versions. This updater protects Mint users – and now Linux Lite users – against that kind of foolishness.


  3. Yesterday I dared to mention this wonderful tool in the Linux Lite forums after a LL user complained about another install being borked after updating – a complaint very common in many Ubuntu-based distros (with Mint being the sole exception because of that awesome safety feature). My comment was deleted. But not before it was quoted by another user (including the link to Unlockforus.com to get the LL-modified Mint Update Manager). I really wonder what it is that so many Ubuntu-based distros have against safety for newbies and technophobes! It’s enough to make me change my mind about Linux Mint. Their innovations have been wonderful.


    1. I don’t think your post was deleted. Maybe it was held for review (automatically) or something. So I searched the forum and found your post there: https://www.linuxliteos.com/forums/on-topic/'updates'/msg32854/#msg32854

      Linux Lite community is not hostile and moderators are very friendly/mature people.

      I also believe Update Manager makes it safer for users to download AND install updates, contrary to others believe perhaps.

      With all and all, the choice to install Update Manager for Linux Lite is there though, so those seeking for an alternative will find it and use it if it fits their needs.

      Cheers Robin!


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