SalixOS Does it Again

The first time I used SalixOS, I was delighted for the first few days, then it began to slow way down and lock up. No input was accepted from mouse or keyboard, and I had to reboot using the power button. I searched their forums for info on that, but apparently no one else suffered from that problem. I ended up dumping SalixOS when it refused to boot at all one day. Re-installs are just too easy, and actually take less time than trying to figure out why the damned thing won’t boot up… and certainly easier than Googling without a computer!

Trying it again last week, I hoped for a better result, but the same thing happened. Hard drive spinning like mad, screen frozen, mouse frozen, keyboard useless, power-off and on again. This time I didn’t want to give up so easily, so I tried to join the SalixOS forums for help. I was able to register but couldn’t use the account until an Administrator approved my registration. Days went by without any approval. “If you need help, contact an Administrator,” it says, but offers no way to contact an administrator. So I posted to the SalixOS mailing list (supposedly non-members can post there, but posts from non-members are moderated, as they should be). I wrote that I was trying to register for the forums, and that there is no link or info on how to contact an administrator. Several days later, my post is still awaiting moderation. What that tells me is that the little distro is largely unsupported, except for those who were lucky enough to get “in” before the “administrator” went on hiatus.

After another dozen or so times hitting the power button on the CPU cabinet to reboot and get anything done, and in light of the fact that I can’t even ask for help, much less get any, I’m saying goodbye and good riddance to SalixOS. “For Lazy Slackers,” the description on their web site says. And I have to agree. Too lazy to fix it, too lazy to check their own forums and mailing list. Unless there is only one person who is responsible for those things and he or she is laid up sick or something, new users can expect no support for this distro other than Googling and trial-and-error.


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