An Equal Opportunity Social Network

Most of you know I have been – well, kinda sorta – “promoting” Diaspora as a social network alternative to Facebook for a host of reasons (see this prior post), both technical and ethical. Yet at the same time I have lamented the fact that Diaspora seems to attract – besides a lot of Linux nerds – a disproportionate number of atheists, vegans, anarchists, socialists, communists, liberals and other assorted left-wingnuts. I think I may be the only politically conservative (not necessarily Republican), bible-believing Christian on the entire global federated network. Okay, cool. So it’s a great cyber “mission field.” That’s okay with me.

What’s “not okay,” I guess, is the in-your-face-right-from-the-start hatred for anything that doesn’t fully agree with, promote, advance, energize, require, mandate, ram, cram, or jam liberalism. Do a search on Diaspora using the hashtag #Christian and you get a pageful of venomous articles, pictures, and rants hostile to Christianity. And maybe one or two that aren’t necessarily pro-Christian, but at least weren’t written to ridicule or destroy it. Same thing applies to #conservative, #Republican, #church, #capitalism, and other related categories. Okay, so it’s a “mission field” for ideological discussion, right? That’s okay with me.

Except it’s not really a field for honest, thoughtful ideological discussion. I guess that since the community hates Facebook (as I do), and because Facebook is a “for profit” network instead of a voluntary association, open-source, ad-free, just for fun non-profit network, the distinction tends to pit free-market economics against some sort of socialist ideal. Facebook = corporate –> EVIL, while Diaspora = voluntary –> TOTALLY RIGHTEOUS. Perhaps that’s the simplest and most obvious explanation for the high numbers of left-wing folk who join. They want to “stick it to the profiteer.” Okay, I get that. But I assume they work for a living. I assume they prefer to get paid for their work, and use their off-time to volunteer for projects like Diaspora or FOSS development or the local food pantry. Great! I do my volunteer work at church, at Little League, and in support of homeschool families. My job depends on profit. No company, no job. No job, no food. No food, no money or time to support projects like Diaspora. Sorry.

Perhaps the thing that got me started on this little rant has been the funny way several people have introduced themselves to the Diaspora community lately when they joined, under the hashtag #newhere (“new here”). Using hashtags in your initial “Hello” post to the community is recommended, so that followers of your hashtags will see your message and “add you.” But lately under #newhere it seems there’s a whole bunch of posts like this:

Hi my name is Prickface. I’m #newhere and I hate all #Christians, #conservatives, #meateaters, #businessowners, #stockholders, #policeofficers, #military #servicemembers, #preachers, #missionaries, #churches, #men, #boys, #Americans, #churchgoers, and followers of #Christ. I want to meet other #anarchists, #vegans, #anticapitalists, #socialists, #communists, #terrorists, #feminists, #democrats, #lesbians, and #transgenders who share my appreciation for and admiration of #profanity, #hostility, #butthurtedness, #nudity, #feminism, #abortion, and #acid-metal-demon-scream-puke-rock music.

I guess the word got out, and it’s good that Diaspora is getting so many new people joining up! But the vast numbers of folks who have nothing but hostility to the values and Savior I cherish has got me thinking about starting my own Diaspora pod, just to provide a little server space for those few people left on Earth who share my values – and my deep concerns about Facebook’s weird, privacy-stealing, politically correct, ideology-driven, ever-changing terms of service. Of course, that’s time and money and bandwidth I don’t have to invest yet, but seriously, it’s needed I think!

I wonder if other Diaspora users feel as I do, or if any Christian, conservative folk who feel as I do about Facebook would join me. And you wouldn’t even have to be a Linux nerd.

Just kidding. You do not have to be a Linux nerd.


5 thoughts on “An Equal Opportunity Social Network

  1. I think I can agree on this. I did see a **lot** of hatred posts throughout my stay on Diaspora*, but mostly I just shrug and move on. I don’t really get into arguments for the sake of keeping the community friendly, but some time in the unknown future I’ll probably get into one, just for the fun of it. Although I didn’t see those kinds of #newhere posts. Maybe I was just in luck.

    #acid-metal-demon-scream-puke-rock music. I laughed my head off.


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