Adopted Sidekick’s Linux Blog

Formerly published at, I’ve decided to put all my Linux stuff in it’s own blog rather than mix it with all the personal stuff I’ve posted there.  Some of my readers were sick and tired of wading through “all that Linux stuff” to find the newsy and musey personal stuff they like.

I call it Confessions of a Technophobe because, believe it or not, I’m still skittish about technology and still frustrated with stuff that is supposedly simple for most people, like “smart” phones and GPSes and programmable appliances. But I’m also dirt poor, a starving college student who has to do a bunch of school work on a computer, but I can’t afford to run out and buy a new PC, much less one of those super-cool Macs!  So to get all the mileage I can out of what I already have (now that Windows XP is no longer supported and my poor old dinosaur won’t run any newer version of Windows), I started messing around with a free operating system called Linux!

Not very smart for a guy who is terrified of technology. But I just didn’t have any choice but to at least try it, and it’s better than borrowing other people’s machines or doing all my work on the computers at school.  So this blog is just to share my lessons learned with other people who might be in the same predicament – financially handicapped, hating to throw away a perfectly good (albeit slow) computer that they finally got used to using, and, like me, maybe even scared of anything new and technological.

Posts from the old blog will be moved here, and my other blog may just fade away into cyber-ether, I don’t know. But this one is strictly for all the Linux stuff that my friends and family don’t care about. M’kay?

More later.  Thanks for reading!



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