More Enlightened

So, I’m a little more Enlightened now than I was when I posted this morning’s entry. And all it took was choosing an up-to-date theme to fix my weather gadget issue and an icon-editing issue that prevented me from pointing an icon to it’s root-only-accessible command.

My current E17 desktop with everything just the way I want it:

And that’s just one of several themes available for this amazing window manager / arguably a desktop environment. Here, just for grins, are a few more:

Remember you can change anything from the wallpaper to the gadgets and icon set, and even use different ones on multiple desktops (in Linux you can have more than one – and switch between them with a single mouse action). Try that in KDE, Gnome, Xfce, or LXDE, ‘nix users!

Getting more enlightened and loving it. You will too.

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