My Xubuntu 12.04 Desktop

This is my Xubuntu 12.04 desktop! I have Seamonkey installed and set as the default browser/email client. The latest version is 2.8, and unexpectedly, it required me to add the Ubuntuzilla ppa to get it. It’s a bunch faster than the newest Firefox, and still accepts most add-ons and extensions that matter to me: Scribefore Classic, AdBlockPlus, stuff like that.

I moved the default launcher to the bottom where it functions as a kinda-sorta dock with all my application launchers and applets (weather, analog clock, PCManFM (much nicer for me than Thunar), the Parole music player, and the Abiword writer.

I asked on the Ubuntu forums about why Xubu has all kinds of Gnome stuff included, when it’s supposed to be an Xfce distro, and Xfce is supposed to be lighter and faster than Gnome. At first thought, you might suppose that all that Gnome stuff is unnecessary and would slow Xubu down a lot. Maybe it does slow it down some (compared to straight Debian Xfce or SalineOS or the way-cool, newbie friendly Slackware derivative called SalixOS for sure), but it also makes it a complete and full-featured Xfce spin that behaves as elegantly as it’s “full-Gnome” parent, Ubuntu.

It took Ubuntu to “tame” Debian and make it useable by mere mortals like me. It looks like SalixOS has done the same thing for Slackware! I’ll test it when I have some time to play and post a review here. I’m fascinated by SalixOS because of it’s ultra long term support and reputation for rock-stability (like Debian).

It’s probably faster than Xubu, but perhaps less full-featured because it doesn’t add in all the Gnomie stuff. But for non-technical desktop Linux users, Xubuntu is every bit as easy as the other “friendly” beginner Linux distros, but still easy on modest hardware like my 8-year-old Dell.


2 thoughts on “My Xubuntu 12.04 Desktop

  1. Ah! Your 8-year-old Dell. I wondered when you were going to mention what sort of machine you had put this on. Probably a good choice for an ol’ faithful like that. When I was using PCLinuxOS I tried out a dozen or so other distros (though not Xubuntu). Of them Mint was a serious contender, but ultimately none of them did what I wanted as well as PCLOS did.


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